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EXPLAINED: Your Freedom is an Illusion

from AMTV:

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10 comments to EXPLAINED: Your Freedom is an Illusion

  • C.i.

    More From This Please.

    10 Out Of 10


  • Another story telling you to make a change without any ideas on how it should be accomplished. He said freedom is an illusion, which to me means that your rights are an illusion, but then goes on to say we should use those rights to make a change. When will we learn that “WE” are not going to do anything until “I” (you) get your status corrected from U.S citizen to State citizen! Ask yourself “how is it that the people give the state their power (for the good of the people) and the state gives it’s power to the feudal I mean federal government and the people and the state become the ones who are powerless?” It’s all about consent!


  • anon

    Your freedom IS an ILLUSION, if you consider the following: Q: What do the Bush and Clintons have in common? A: The CIA & MENA, ARKANSAS AIRPORT (mid-1980’s). Ever heard of CIA Pilot Barry Seal? If not, you JUST MIGHT want to look into it. Jeb Bush is backed by GOLDMAN SACHS (& BILLIONAIRE LLOYD BLANKFEIN). Hillary Clinton is backed by JP MORGAN (& BILLIONAIRE JAMIE DIMON). Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan are the TOP TWO, PRIMARY, PRIVATELY-OWNED TBTF/TBTJ/TBTE (Too-Big-To-FAIL, JAIL & EXIST) BANKS, THAT COMPRISE THE SO-CALLED “Federal” “Reserve”. So, regardless which one of these two public relations (PR) people actually wins in 2016, the real winner will be the banks that comprise the so-called “Federal” “Reserve”. America: WAKE UP! TO REALITY! YOU ARE NOT BEING GIVEN A CHOICE – ANY CHOICE – WHATSOEVER – IN THE “ELECTION” OF 2016.

    Having said that. Your freedom IS an illusion until such time, as you begin to protect yourself and your family from the predations of the predatory class – from the Billionaires and Trillionaires – primarily the Western Int’l Central Bankers. The most important way you can protect yourself, is by EDUCATING YOURSELF on the ECONOMIC HISTORY OF THE UNITED STATES, and converting a minimum of 10-20% of your fiat “funny” “money” into silver and gold bullion. Another way to protect yourself, is to realize that the 2nd Amendment isn’t about “hunting” – it’s about protecting yourself and family from tyranny in government. Become more food and energy independent if possible. Become more self-reliant. Don’t sit around waiting for something (lottery?) or someone to come SAVE you. NO ONE is coming to SAVE YOU.

  • anon

    X22 Report: Central Bankers Can’t Stop The Economic Collapse Instead They Will Cover It Up

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