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EU Calls for GLOBAL GOVERNMENT to Stop Financial Crisis!

from TheMoneyGPS:

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3 comments to EU Calls for GLOBAL GOVERNMENT to Stop Financial Crisis!

  • Sergio of the Jungle

    But you all said you had it covered. You said you were the smartest guys in the room. (You didn’t mention that it was padded). You said there was a forest of green shoots. You said that the debt didn’t matter because, well, we only owed it to ourselves anyway, so who would care if we defaulted? You said that you were here to help. You said that compounding interest would make us all rich. You said that our pensions were safe because you were the greatest money managers who ever walked the planet and that we would retire young and wealthy. You said that we could afford free hospitals. You said that we could supply endless welfare to the needy because you said it wouldn’t affect our living standards. You said it was the equitable thing to do, that we gave our savings to those who somehow needed it more and deserved it more than we the savers did. You said that bureaucrats knew best on how to plan the economy and infrastructure for the nation. You said there was a new reality called sustainable growth. You said that targeted inflation was an economically sound monetary tool. Then you said there is no inflation. You say that 10%+ annualized Currency growth isn’t inflationary. You said that using reported money metrics is unreliable in accounting for inflation and that your elasticised CPI model is more accurate in assessing if our wage’s purchasing power is maintained against the amount of money available to price goods. You said that the federal reserve’s role was to maintain a stable dollar and that you, by forfeiting the coining of the nation’s money to private bankers, had secured the welfare of the wage earner by doing so. You said that printing money without the onus of convertibility didn’t matter, as you could simply print more to stimulate a waning economy if need be and overcome falling perceptions. You said Quantitative Easing was a Keynesian failsafe that would not be inflationary, as monetary stimulus was only designed to,…. just get money into spender’s pockets. You said that government spending ceilings were getting to dangerous levels on various occasions but now it doesn’t seem to matter anymore so you have stopped reporting those figures because once again, debt doesn’t matter. M3 mustn’t be necessary as a metric either, as you have deemed it too expensive to compile the figures, Thanks for saving us that money. That should turn things around for the nation. Why does it need turning around again? I’m confused, not being that smart when compared to the abundant intellectual giants in the room.
    Having said repeatedly said that you guys were the smartest guys in the room, it’s nice that you admit your fallibility, as I’ve noticed that you have delegated your representative duties to bankers and businessmen, who, I suppose, by being nearer to the markets by having a finger on the pulse of the economy and skin in the game, should make better managers of the nation’s affairs thereby affording you more free time to spend with your constituents. Win/Win! I’ve got to give it to you, (no, really), you guys are thinkers.
    I can’t hold back my enthusiasm for too much longer until the time that I get the opportunity to register my vote.
    Thinking of you always.

    • Bill


      Do you mean they don’t have it covered? Are you saying all those government bureaucrats are a bunch of criminal liars and thieves? Are you saying that they were hiding behind false economic principals and insincere moral claims in order to steal our wealth and make all of our toil and dreams for naught? Are you implying that maybe now that we have reached an economic point of no return where the ownership of everything we have worked to build will either be destroyed or legally transferred to the ownership of the banking class? And will all those officials I helped elect retire to the golf course with their payoff money that was stolen from us? It makes me feel stupid to have trusted them for so long when just about any fool that paid the slightest bit of attention would have seen them for who they are. Sergio, you make me feel bad. Now, as we teeter on the edge of economic catastrophe, I must look inside myself, accept the realities I and my family face and make some really hard decisions if I hope to even survive, much less hang on to my house and what pitiful savings I’ve managed to keep. Somehow it seems whomever I vote for in the next sham election won’t make much difference because history tells me that no one runs for office so they can help us.

  • anon

    “EU Calls for GLOBAL GOVERNMENT to Stop Financial Crisis!”

    Is anyone (among regular readers of SGT Report) really surprised by this?

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