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Either You Are Ready Today Or Not!

from TruthNeverTold:

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1 comment to Either You Are Ready Today Or Not!

  • Eric

    Totally agree Chris! If you’re not ready for this by now, you better figure out real fast what you need to do cause we are out of time.

    What people don’t get is that you never never ever sell Gold (Silver). NEVER!!! You just accumulate it over time, saving your wealth in sound honest MONEY! Stop looking for the “exit plan.” Stop thinking about selling it at so and so price. Stop thinking about step number 9 when you haven’t even mastered the first three. Just focusing on building wealth right now or do you always want to be chasing a buck?

    So if get rid of the notion of selling, every day is a day to exchange worthless paper for valuable PRECIOUS metal. Price is not as important as value. And if you can find value, you can build wealth. Right now, Silver is massively undervalued compared to whatever currency it is denominated in, and if you can’t see that, you are as blind as a bat.

    And if you want to gamble at a rigged craps table where the legs are about to fall off and all the chips are about to go flying up in the air, that’s up to you. I wouldn’t expect to win the lottery either.

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