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Economist: Troika Planning to Rig Greek Referendum

by Paul Joseph Watson, Infowars:

With Greeks preparing to decide on whether to accept a bailout from the EU and the IMF in a crucial referendum on Sunday, economist Martin Armstrong sensationally claims that the troika is planning to rig the vote.

Armstrong quotes Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis, who accused the EU of forcing Greece to close banks “for the sole purpose of blackmailing” and “Getting a ‘Yes’ vote on a non-sustainable solution that would be bad for Europe.”

Armstrong, who is known for successfully predicting the 1987 Black Monday crash as well as the 1998 Russian financial collapse, asserts that EU leaders are desperate to prevent Greece from leaving the Euro because it could grease the skids for France taking the same course. Such an eventuality would also bolster the chances of Britain leaving the EU altogether and could push Greece into the arms of Russia.

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7 comments to Economist: Troika Planning to Rig Greek Referendum

  • aa

    “Martin Armstrong sensationally claims the troika is going to rig the vote.” Armstrong’s prediction is rational and not sensational. Only the terminally naive would expect mass murderers to play fair at the ballot box.

    • tomche

      Excellent comment. Agree 100%. Too bad the fog is dense and most have no idea…too busy watching cartoon re-runs. America as we have know it is through. Finished. Dead but the carcass hasn’t fully decayed yet….that’s what is happening now.
      Get right spiritually. Most won’t make it another decade.

  • Eric

    They rig EVERYTHING!!!

    I would expect nothing less from psychopaths and sociopaths.

  • Ed_B

    Indeed so, guys. Recent events show that ballot box rigging has been used rather frequently, with possible votes rigged in Scotland, Switzerland, and in the US 2012 presidential election. Uncle Joe Stalin would be proud of these people. He knew that “It is less important who votes than who counts the votes”. If the Greek vote CAN be rigged, it WILL be rigged.

  • tomche

    Correct!! All too obvious…for those who care to know and understand…
    sure wish SGT was on mainstream TV nightly. Man, things would be different.

  • tomche

    My prediction:

    GREECE WILL STAY IN THE EURO. (and not because they want to. but because they will be swindled – again) The referendum is just a ruse. If the Greek leader had any balls, he would act in favor of the people that put him there, default on the debt and follow the path that Iceland laid out: Jail the criminal banksters and start over. This “referendum” is the Rothschild manner of getting what they want (Greece in the EU) because “the people” will have appeared to vote as such (Fake ballots).
    This should be interesting to see…

    My heart wants Greece to follow Iceland, but my head tells me otherwise.

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