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Debunking! MATT DAMON on ELITE & NWO – Amazing Speech On This Evil World

from TruthNeverTold:

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6 comments to Debunking! MATT DAMON on ELITE & NWO – Amazing Speech On This Evil World

  • tomche

    Whoa. I gotta stop and say this right now…this…This is bullshit.
    First off, Who CARES what Matt Damon thinks!? Really? This guy needs to be in the back ground somewhere….he has no honesty in his person whatsoever.
    Secondly, seeing this rendition of something that is supposed to be a….. narrative, or a monologue (?)..I am just so confused.
    But more importantly, whatever this IDIOT eschews, we must not take heed. HE is a LIAR and too stupid to know what he really thinks. (he is an ACTOR)…This is all fake, friends…
    Anyways….this really GOT ME…so FAKE and full of CRAP…I just can’t let this one slide without a comment. There.

  • randy0302

    I think Matt Damon is a good, highly intelligent, and decent man.
    Maybe he doesn’t have it all correct. Or maybe he didn’t elaborate on what “redistribution” means. To me it means ending the FED and big banks ability to create the money supply or “lend money into existence”.
    Matt says revisit the Constitution which allows governments to issue money and not be at the mercy of BANKSTERS and corporations.
    I strongly disagree that Matt is a shill.
    The problem is civil obedience….that’s a great line!

  • anon

    Right. “Affecting people on an EMOTIONAL level, rather than on a LOGICAL level.” THAT is the problem with MOST people, who operate on an EMOTIONAL level, rather than on a LOGICAL, RATIONAL level.

    “Redistribution of wealth?” THAT is a catch-phrase of communists. (We’ve been undergoing a REDISTRIBUTION of wealth from the U.S. to the rest of the world for quite some time now, thanks to SOCIALIST/COMMUNIST Wall St. BANKSTERS, who control ALL the currencies of the world via the Petrodollar (USD/FRN)!!! They off-shored our (U.S.) manufacturing jobs – as ONE example. They attempt to keep every nation weak, and indebted to them, including Iceland, Hungary, and Greece. They also fund the illusions of HOLLYWOOD. They pay Matt Damon’s paycheck.

    Save yourself. “Stop the revolution. Start the evolution” I agree.

  • Stefan

    OK Chris Duane,

    Normally I agree with you, but in this instance, let me state, BS on YOU Chris. So you have a couple of problems with the speech. Fair enough, but you failed to mention, Matt explicitly fingers, “Rule of Law” as the curse. He’s right. Tom Woods did a report about a year ago with Professor John Hasnas from the, McDonough School of Business, in Georgetown University, who wrote, “THE MYTH OF THE RULE OF LAW”, and published it in 1995. Here is the link to the paper he published.

    I made personal notes on that paper, as it was fascinating. In a piece I wrote for my family and friends, and told them to pass it along, is an excerpt where he lays out the argument, “citizens understand that the laws under which they live are a product of political forces rather than the embodiment of the ideal of justice.”

    and furthermore:

    “simultaneously regarding the law as a body of definite, politically neutral rules amenable to an impartial application which all citizens have a moral obligation to obey.”

    Talk about cognitive dissonance, eh Chris! Worse yet, is the manipulative
    gymnastics lawyers can successfully put law through. So it sounds to me like you did not fully understand what Matt was saying. Because I absolutely agree that, The Rule of Law, is destroying us all, and it IS time for disobeying. BTW, he never mentioned disobey by force.

    Refusing to purchase products, or eat GMO, or get vaccinations, or join the military, or vote in phony elections, et al … is a great way to disobey.

    • some guy

      Look up Damon’s stance on gun control, then ask – who’s going to enforce gun control? The same people who would enforce redistribution. How can you have gun control without “The Rule of Law”? He also has his facts on “Nazi” Germany all wrong as does Duane.
      It looks like he’s reading somebody elses’ notes.

      He extolls the Declaration of Independence and ends telling us we need a Declaration of Interdependence among all of the striving people of the world? He says the wrong people are in power and the wrong people are out of power – so someone in power is a good thing? We just need the right people in power? To enforce gun control and redistribution? He fingers the rule of law as the problem but apparently really just wants someone else to enforce the same or other rules.

      “We have to transcend borders”? WTF? There is an awful lot of leftist boilerplate.

      Damon is full of shit like everyone in Hollywood.

      None of the above is to disagree with your points about The Rule of Law.

  • Rubiconski

    Matt Damon is an actor.

    He didn’t write that Elite NWO speech.

    It was written by Howard Zinn in 1970.

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