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Congress Should Protect Itself From The Executive Branch

from Paul Craig Roberts:

Gary Hart was a good senator, an independent person. Consequently, he was eliminated with a sexual scandal. The woman was a ten, and the powers that be got rid of Hart. Better to go that way than with an airplane crash or a frame-up that leads to prison like happened to US Rep. George Hanson and others including Dan Rostenkowski, Chairman of the House Committee on Ways and Means.

Rostenkowski was eliminated by the despicable Eric Holder, a US attorney at the time who rose to become Obama’s Attorney General, proving the point that in the US government only the totally corrupt succeed. Holder’s false conviction of Rostenkowski was overturned with a pardon by President Bill Clinton. Even former Republican President Gerald Ford regarded Rostenkowski’s conviction as a fraud.

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4 comments to Congress Should Protect Itself From The Executive Branch

  • Brian

    This guy was in the same administration as George Bush Sr. am I correct ? Ever notice his solutions never include removing yourself from the voter rolls and not participating in this corrupt system ? The whole so called Govt is a Corporation and voting is a slave count, nothing more. He is showing his hidden hand right behind him in the painting he chooses to pose in front of for the picture used on most of his articles. Controlled opposition. Fuck what is going on in DC and remove yourself from this corrupt system. Hegelian dialectic at its best.

  • Petedivine

    He was appointed by Reagan 1975 to 1978.

    Before accusing this man of being controlled opposition. Perhaps you should take the time to read some of his articles. If he his controlled by the opposition, then I am status quo…LOL. Thanks for the laugh.. lol again…..

    • Brian

      I have been reading him for many years. You are not status quo. I am not even sure about being correct but, the hidden hand stuff makes me think. If you do not know the hand signals think again. Are they bullshit ? Trying to figure it out myself. Seems all the world leaders (every single fucking one of them) is using this stuff. Maybe its actually 9 billion people verse the puppets of the old world Atlantean conspiracy. Maybe ? And by the way how did Reagan appoint him during the Carter Administration ? No he was part of the same administration that George Bush Sr. was vice Pres in from 1981 to When ever he left. God bless. atlanteanconspiracy dot com

      • Brian

        One last thought. The last real President was murdered 11/22/63 and the next wanted to be real President was Shot 9 weeks into his term in 1981 and towed the line from there on out. Its time to turn our back on this ridiculous genocidal Corporation.

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