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Confederate Flag Controversy: Symbol of Hate or Tribute to History?

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2 comments to Confederate Flag Controversy: Symbol of Hate or Tribute to History?

  • Symbol of Hate or Tribute to History?

    Neither. Don’t buy into the divide and conquer strategy of tension. This flag “debate” was planned as part of the Charleston Shooting HOAX PSY-OP. Just one of the agendas, along with gun control and internet censorship (Dylann Storm Roof Bot was “radicalized by free speech on the internet”).

  • NaySayer

    Actually, I would say, “It is both.”

    Unfortunately states rights are now going to be linked to the hatred and violence of slavery to undermine those who want to leave the corrupt U.S. of Fascism.

    If I was black I would hate to have the reminder of slavery rubbed in my face, but on the other hand mostly it was only the southern elite who could afford a slave (each one cost the equivalent of $40,000 in today’s money).

    So for the average southerner it was about what they call “the war of northern aggression”. It is about remembering their probably non-slave owning ancestors who fought and died. About homes burned to the ground during Sherman’s march to the sea etc.

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