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Communist Pope Francis Exposed

from TheAlexJonesChannel:

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4 comments to Communist Pope Francis Exposed

  • Bible Babble

    Communist Pope? Now that you mention it,, wasn’t JESUS a Communist who believed that people should “re-distribute” their wealth and give it to the poor?

    Although Jesus DID say,, if you have NO military type ASSAULT weapon (SWORDs in those days),, a man should SELL his coat or cloak and BUY a MILITARY GRADE weapon of WAR (sword).

    I guess he was a 2nd amendment communist? Why don’t the churches ever talk about these conflicting commands?

  • kate

    Excerpt As Pope John Paul II wrote in 1987, in his encyclical letter Sollicitudo Rei Socialis: What the Church condemns is not capitalism as a producing system, but, according to the words of Pope Paul VI, “the calamitous system that accompanies it,” which is the financial system:
    “This unchecked liberalism led to dictatorship rightly denounced by Pope Pius XI as producing ‘the international imperialism of money’. One cannot condemn such abuses too strongly, because — let us again recall solemnly — the economy should be at the service of man. But if it is true that a type of capitalism has been the source of excessive suffering, injustices and fratricidal conflicts whose effects still persist, it would be wrong to attribute to industrialization itself evils that belong to the calamitous system that accompanied it. On the contrary, one must recognize in all justice the irreplaceable contribution made by the organization and the growth of industry to the task of development.” (Paul VI, encyclical letter Populorum Progressio, on the development of peoples, March 26, 1967, n. 26.)
    The defect of the system:
    money is created by the banks as a debt
    It is the financial system that does not accomplish its purpose; it has been diverted from its end that is to allow the goods to meet the needs. Money should be nothing but an instrument of distribution and a symbol that gives a claim, in other words, a simple accounting system.
    Money should be a servant, but the bankers in appropriating the control over its creation, have made it an instrument of domination. Since people cannot live without money, everyone: this includes governments, corporations and individuals; must submit to the conditions imposed upon them by the bankers to obtain money. Money means having the right to live in today’s society. This establishes a real dictatorship over economic life and so the bankers have become the masters of our lives. Pope Pius XI was quite right when he said in Quadragesimo Anno (n. 106):

    • Bible Babble

      @Kate,,, I agree 100% that the Banking system is creating money as debt (Fed Reserve notes instead of a gold standard, etc). it is total enslavement of the people by the satanic, greedy banks.

      You got some HUGE pontifical quotations there. I do find it a bit unnerving when people hang so closely to the words issued by the churches and its leaders. While the Catholic church has many good deeds to its name, it also has the hidden, darker side of agendas as well as individuals who do unsavory things.

      Then of course, I have always questioned “the church” that actually adopted the language of the persecutors of Jesus (Latin) as their official language. More than just a small slap in the face of Jesus to bypass the languages of Jesus (Aramaic, Hebrew & Greek),, just to kick those by the trash and go directly to the language of the ROMAN Gov’t, EMPOROR, etc., and to locate its headquarters in Rome instead of anyplace where Jesus called “home”?

      And what would Jesus say,, if he took a tour of Vatican city, and all the trappings of the high offices of “the church in ROme”? Would Jesus insist on wearing all the fine robes and regalia of the church?

      EVen Jesus commanded to “call NO man on Earth,, “your FATHER”,, because we have but ONE father, and he is in Heaven. Sad that the church issues such BIG pronouncements,, but totally skips over this BIG directive issued from the Lips of Jesus?

      And from ALL the clergy who have been molesting children,, I have NEVER heard of any of them getting instant Ex-Communication from the church,, but I do often hear words of “Forgiveness”,,etc blah blah blah.

      In the SAME moment,, I recall in recent years,, when several WOMEN were ORDAINED by some official clergy as PRIESTS,,, and did NOT renounce it,, they were ALL EXCOMMUNICATED within 30 days. QUick AXE,, eh?

      I don’t accept the story of “Jesus took only MEN as disciples” when there are plenty of writings out there,, which says Mary Magdalene was something like “the disciple of disciples” and the MALE disciples sometimes felt “disrespected” that Jesus paid MORE attention to the WOMAN then to THEM.

      Those were spoken of,, in private writings of some disciples,, but of course,, those letters were never included into bible canon. We know why it is so.

      Then of course,, another FEMALE, (Mary, mother of Jesus) was also chosen by God. Yet the “church” never appoints any Female popes, cardinals, bishops, priests?

      And that “celibacy” thing,, kinda funny,, how “Virgin Mary” did NOT remain a virgin AFTER the birth of her 1st born son,,, (Josheph “knew her NOT,, until AFTER the birth of their FIRST BORN SON).. which clearly,, LOGICALLY means that Joseph “KNEW her” (sex) AFTER Jesus came out. And so,, Mary GAVE BIRTH to MORE children after the birth of Jesus. The church goes into PRETZEL TWISTS trying to get around those clear admissions of the bible that Mary was a virgin ONLY until the birth of Jesus.

      • Kate

        Hi Bible Babble, thanks for your reply. Your reply covers much more than the topic on hand though. I was merely trying to make people aware that the churches official stand on economics (communism vs capitalism) is a vast subject and cannot be contained in the works of one pope alone. As you rightly said the church has a very broad tapestry throughout history, not all of it good. I think the church is about to be a larger presence in the political arena from here on in. The church freely admits it is sinful in its human part. Like Jesus (whose body she is representative of) the church is both divine and human. Satan has been working within the church from its beginning, (e.g. betrayal by) Judas, Judas is the head of a particular class of religious duplicity. Make no mistake though the church has been left as a light for mankind. From it we are able to sip from the chalice of Jesus, re persecution ( to believe the churches teaching now makes one guilty of hate crimes). We are also able to partake of the grace he offers through the sacraments, and we can benefit from the teachings left to us from recognisedly holy saints from a span of 2000 years. We don’t have to remain infants in the Lord we are able to learn and discern the truth from the bible (new testament considered infallible by all Christians, but is fruit of the Catholic church). I liken the church to parenthood, when you look at what we do with our children gifted to us by the Lord, (abuses so common now) you would wonder why he would continue to entrust such delicate, trusting innocent creatures to us at all. What a hash so many of us make of it even when we are considered to be ‘good’ parents. But he keeps giving us these creatures who will have an eternal life. He gives us a dignity we don’t really deserve, but he is enough to fill in our gaps when we ask him. So too the church, his gift to us, so much to be ashamed of. But still he gives to us through it. Don’t mistake the Lords good shephards for the wolves in sheeps clothing. I urge you to consider the actual teaching of the church (not rumours of teaching) the actual deeds of the church (not rumours of deeds) and make an honest investigation asking the Holy Spirit for guidance. I think the church is about to have a revival, (through our popular pope with his latest encyclical) once again in imitation of the Lords life. Then suddenly without warning those who plot against her will seem to overcome her with major persecutions. Those who stand firm will once again be martyrs as in the early Jewish and Roman days. (The first martyr after Christ was Stephen, stoned to death by a holy order from the Synagog and war was waged on them). The vine keepers murdered the servants and then the son, their position was taken from them and given to another. All those martyrs in Rome? They were Romans.

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