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Citizen’s Private Body Cam Protects Him from Cops Who Lied to Get Him in Trouble

from The Daily Sheeple:

TDS Note: Isn’t it sad we live in a society where the only real way to protect ourselves is to walk around filming ourselves from the corrupt system and its minions?

City bus driver, Kelvin Kirkpatrick purchased a set of glasses that take HD video as a means of feeling safe in the event the Metro Security cameras on his bus failed. However, these camera glasses would prove to be incredibly valuable in an entire other sense.

Kirkpatrick was becoming frustrated with the lack of security provided by two King County sheriff’s deputies assigned to the protection of busses on the Metro Transit squad.

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2 comments to Citizen’s Private Body Cam Protects Him from Cops Who Lied to Get Him in Trouble

  • Brian Green

    This ought to surprise no one. The officers need to be forever blacklisted from any law enforcement job. They knew they were lying and they thought they could get away with it. How about we look into their past arrests and see how many of those are also fictitious. Once a liar, always a liar. So they simply can not be trusted with a badge, anywhere.

    • Ed_B

      If true, then they likely also lied in court while under oath. This is called perjury when a citizen does it and it can be punished by several years in prison. As convicted felons, these former officers would be ineligible for ANY position in law enforcement.

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