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Citizen Response Catches British Gas Company Attempting Break-In With “Alleged” Warrant

by Amanda Warren, Activist Post:

Should a gas company be allowed to force entry to check on something without notifying the occupant? As unfortunate as it is to see this kind of authoritarian action from private companies, what can we do to effectively stand up to such behavior?

As more people ask about solutions to violations of civil liberties, more also rise to the occasion to offer those examples in action. We have talked before about building citizen response networks and even phone apps to help with peer-to-peer teams.

A UK man acting as a citizen responder to a call about the attempted break-in rightly asked for a warrant of entry. British Gas said it was to inspect electric meters. And it was not without the fanfare of a police entourage and a locksmith. Eventually, drills and hammers get involved… All so the gas company can get into the house!

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2 comments to Citizen Response Catches British Gas Company Attempting Break-In With “Alleged” Warrant

  • brybo

    This is common practice here in the UK, people are waking up to this slowly. I for one managed to head off one of these illegal warrants last week and have decided to go to court next week to get another illegal and unnecessary warrant application declined before it is issued. I have not figured out if it is corruption in the courts, corruption by the power companies/engineers/bailiffs etc or simply ignorance of the legal system by the above parties. I hope it is the latter.

  • brybo

    I went to court to challenge the warrant application……the power company was not issued the warrant. 🙂

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