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Chelsea Is NOT Bill Clinton’s Daughter

from TheAlexJonesChannel:

Clinton insider Larry Nichols reveals and confirms that Bill Clinton is NOT Chelsea’s Biological father.

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13 comments to Chelsea Is NOT Bill Clinton’s Daughter

  • cory

    ya cause the enquirer has been proven to be so reliable……….shit, who can argue with this kind of research, this guy sighting the enquirer and Alex Jones the king of the niche market of fear mongering….COME ON!!!!!!

    • Eric

      Go back and listen to all the interviews Larry Nichols has given. Truth is coming out slowly. She is the daughter of Web Hubbell. This is a fact.

      • NaySayer

        why do we care about this anyway?

        shouldn’t we be caring about prepping for what looks to be imminent fallout from the bankster/corporate warlords losing control of the world economies?

        • Eric

          Because we want to make sure that no matter what happens, Hillary is OUT!

          She is a lot of things but she is not stupid. She is pure evil. Yes we should be prepping for the dollar collapse among other things, but prepping isn’t enough. This is war. And we can’t afford to lose this one.

          • Timco

            Yes she is pure evil Eric. If she represents the visible cancer which has wrenched our planet, imagine how much worse the hidden cancer is. Men and women who control everything, yet they are soulless, empty psychopaths.

  • Sherrie

    Speaking of the Enquirer, it was well known at the time of the OJ trial, even the lawyers in the case were reading it in order to find out the facts concerning what went on as those doing the investigative reporting for that magazine were actually doing what investigative reporters are suppose to do… investigate.

  • Eric

    I can’t speak for the Enquirer, but there’s a lot more truth in those tabloids at the checkout counter than most people realize. They even told us that in Men In Black but I’m sure nobody knows the REAL history behind that either. Everybody lives in the fake world. Come on guys…the matrix has you. The real world is so much better. Take the Red Pill and don’t just snoop around the rabbit hole. Search out the scariest darkest deepest parts. It’s the only way to be free of the fear prison they keep you in.

  • chuck

    Rumors and questionable reporting aside, Chelsea sure does look more like Webb than Bill.

  • C.i.

    So Much Time And Effort Into This.


    I Think It Is Time To Get Real.


  • Jerry

    Chelsea Clinton is not ugly as a toad as Alex Jones says. If Chelsea was his daughter would Alex Jones say that? Of course not.

    • Eric

      If you are only looking at the outside, no. Not since she had her rhinoplasty. But if you listen to her at conferences, she Hillary 2.0. Scary as a snake and uglier than a pond full of toads.

      Is it just me or is everyone just begging for Communism and the boot on their necks???

      “eh, what are we going to do about it?” I used to think a lot of you guys were pretty awake or waking up but now I think most of the people here that comment are still totally asleep at the wheel on most topics.

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