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Cake-Correctness: “ISIS Cake Anybody Can Buy at Walmart… But You Can’t Buy Confederate”

by Mac Slavo, SHTFPlan:

As we all know the Confederate flag has been put in the crosshairs as an icon of racial tensions, but this story takes the cake! (Wait, sorry). Walmart must put cake in its mouth, after the corporate giant is cleverly caught in a cultural hypocrisy of its own weaving.

First, the store refused to make a cake for a Louisiana man designed with the Confederate flag stars and bars and the words “Heritage Not Hate.”

However, in a follow up request, the same man ordered an ISIS flag cake, which the Walmart bakery did fulfill. So exactly whose rights to twisted culture, dark heritage and expression are on the chomping block here – and who gets to decide what speech is OK?

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7 comments to Cake-Correctness: “ISIS Cake Anybody Can Buy at Walmart… But You Can’t Buy Confederate”

  • Steve

    They just want and excuse to put ISIS and Confederate(s) in the same headline. Clearly whites who are upset with the way these jews are running our country are terrorists.

    As for ISIS, they can no longer use Al-Qaeda as a boogieman since it’s been completely discredited and members have been exposed to either be jewish or have jewish ties. So ISIS was invented.

    Amazing how much national media coverage their beheading videos got, even after discovered to be fake.

  • Sam

    Perhaps there is a simple mistake here?

    Most likely this is the wallyworld located in the former free Libya that The Obomb-all Regime liberated for the good of democracy and freedom and all that BeeEss story line, just sayin’

    Wait a minute, I’m hearing a drone overhead…

  • Joe

    Enough of this crap!
    I just closed my “Walmart Card” account and will only shop at locally owned grocery stores from now on!

  • willygroper

    REALLY, what a lazy ASS.

    More divisional fear porn.

    Direct your anger at the MSM/goobmnt confederate flag shit stirrers trying to get a civil war started!

    Given monotheism…I know it’s not monosyallbic so you probably can’t say or define it…

    Can the author of this article tell me what religions are mono & do you honestly think they pray to a different God?

    Here’s the translation of the fucking cake!

    There is no god but God

  • HalcyonBeing

    As I understood the story, the ISIS flag is an actual historically used Muslim flag. It has had real religious meaning throughout history. It’s only recently that it’s been used by ISIS. Some Walmart cake decorator wouldn’t know this and may not even recognize it as an “ISIS” flag. It’s not much different than the Nazi swastika, which used to have historical religious significance. However, this person was clearly familiar with the Confederate flag and knew of its, at least partial, historic background. You can argue about whether the Civil War was truly about slavery or Southern rebellion against an oppressive Northern government. But it is, in its present day use, at least equally known for its racist KKK white pride symbolism as it is for the notion of Southern heritage. 9 black people are killed in a black church by a white racist, which sparks action against the Confederate flag as a symbol of white oppression. And what stories show up in the news a couple weeks later? 7 black churches burned down and a KKK rally in South Carolina. It seems more than coincidental and apparent who controls the imagery of the Confederate flag.

  • Ed_B

    The Stars and Bars are more closely associated with race today than it was in 1860 when the US Civil War broke out. Why is that? Because there are people in this country today who have profited immensely from stirring up the racial divide issues and they do not want their meal ticket to be resolved out of existence… no, not ever. They want to keep racism alive, well, and profitable and not just for themselves but for their kids and grand kids. IMO, they cause more trouble in this country than all the racist idiots combined. What the Confederate flag REALLY stood for was states rights and freedom from an oppressive federal government. There is just as great a need for that today as there ever was, if not more. So, yes, I would be happy to fly the Stars and Bars at my house because of the history and genteel southern culture that it represents and not the BS that some who have no clue say that it represents. For some reason, it is OK for everyone to have their own culture and the respect that comes with it… except WASPs. We CAN’T have our culture because it might offend someone. Well, F*** them! Their being offended over nothing of their concern offends ME. Grrr…

    • PTS

      VERY well said, Ed_B!

      Having grown up in the North, I wasn’t told the entire story of the Civil War. Fortunately the first 5 years of my professional life was spent in the South, where I learned an entirely different perspective.

      I thought the both of the movies “Gettysburg” and “Gods and Generals” did a good job of summing up the sentiments on both sides. And after reflection, I tend to side with MUCH of what the South was fighting for.

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