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British Monarchy Imposes Policy of Genocide Against Greece

from LaRouchePAC:

LaRouche points directly to the British Monarchy, and Queen Elizabeth herself, as being responsible for the economic butchery being imposed on Greece today by her messengers, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble.

That’s what the Queen’s late-June visit to Germany was all about, including her personal conversations with Merkel,” LaRouche stated on Tuesday.

The July 13 Euro Summit statement on Greece is a reflection of the British Monarchy’s policy of intentional depopulation and genocide, not some plan to collect the debt, which is manifestly impossible to collect under the kinds of conditions now being imposed on Greece. The British Monarchy’s stated goal, LaRouche explained, is to reduce the world’s population down to one billion people or less. And the EU has, for the moment, used the British Monarchy’s power to make of Greece a bloody example to make sure that no nation or people attempt to break out of the Eurozone concentration camp.

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2 comments to British Monarchy Imposes Policy of Genocide Against Greece

  • willygroper

    Well, isn’t that where Consort Phillip’s “I want to come back as a virus” ancestry is from?

    • Ed_B

      Soon we will have medical nano-bots that will seek out viruses and snip them into even tinier pieces that cannot replicate. At that point, they will cease to be of any power over us whatever. Same goes for harmful but not good bacteria. Now, if these could just be used on lefto-communists, all would indeed be well! 😉

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