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Harley Schlanger from LaRouchePAC and Helga Zepp-Larouche, Founder and President of The Schiller Institute, join us for an insider’s look at the Bankster domination and enslavement of Greece and Europe. Zepp-Larouche warns that a collapse of the western banking system would cause “a plunge into chaos.”

If Greece would default either in a chaotic way or by Grexit, then all of theses derivatives would go into a negative deleveraging… this is uncharted waters. This could lead to a blowout of the entire transatlantic system.”

Ms. LaRouche explains that the only remedy for the out-of-control fascism of the international bankers who have enslaved Greece and much of the Euro-zone, and who have their sights set on the United States, is the immediate re-implementation of Glass-Steagall. Glass-Steagall is the road back to tying down Wall Street and the international banking elite to the rule of law.

Zepp-Larouche also warns that due to the unbridled aggression of Washington and NATO in Ukraine that “Mankind has never been in more mortal danger than right this minute.”

Please join us for this in-depth conversation about the very future of humanity and the war against the Banksters.

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44 comments to As The West Collapses, MANKIND IS IN MORTAL DANGER

  • Jeff

    Look, this thing is going down. Voting never changes anything so long as there is so much at stake for the current power structure. Relax. Things are completely out of all of our control. Stack. Get rid of your paper currency for hard money. Prep. Save yourself and your family as best you can for when this thing collapses. But please stop wasting time with this side show called “democracy”.

  • Well, dudes, I hope this is an oversight or mistake of some kind, but it seems I’ve been banned from commenting at SGT. To Eric, Gnostic, rl, glitter, LJS, Ed, and anyone else I’ve missed, I’ve sincerely appreciated our interactions and will certainly miss them. Not wishing to be hypocritical about my respect for property rights, I won’t circumvent this ban any further, except to say goodbye.

    Just published an article on Agenda 21 in China, funded by the Trilateral Commission, should anyone care to read it:

    And if anyone cares to stay in touch, you can get a hold of me at [email protected].

    Peace out.

    • Ed_B

      Oh, man… I am sorry to hear this. I know that I often did not agree with you but I support your free speech rights to say what you think needs saying. That’s all any of us does here… or so I thought. Hope that I don’t get banned for saying this but if I do, I can handle it. I really do have a life away from my keyboard. Anyway, Rusticus, feel free to drop in over at Silver Doctors. I’m sure that the folks there will appreciate what you have to say. Take care, Bro…

    • SGT

      We did NOT ban you. We haven’t banned anyone in months, other than John ‘Omega Shock’ – and he keeps coming back with new IP’s. We have been having issues with our spam filter – but we haven’t banned you Rusticus. If we had, why would you be able to post that comment??

      • Thanks, Sean! I was hoping this was the case, as it was a CloudFlare error message. I do use a VPN, but it seems CloudFlare has blocked my unmasked IP address as well. The message I posted earlier got through because it was posted from a different connection than the one I typically use.

        Being “not-so-banned” came as quite the surprise, so I’m ecstatic to find that it’s merely a spam shield. I’d have missed the wonderful community we have here in the comments section.

        If this message goes through, I suppose all is well, but if not, is there any way I can contact you with my IP address, Sean? Perhaps being whitelisted would fix things, and I’m sorry to hear this is an ongoing issue. I know a few spam filters I’ve used in the past automatically ban comments with a lot of outgoing links, which I frequently post.

        Sorry, everybody; didn’t mean to make a stink of any sort!

        • Ed_B

          No problem, Bro. Things happen sometimes that LOOK like something that they are not. It’s easy to mistake one for the other. 🙂

          Sean is one of the truly good guys out there in the alt media. One would have to do something pretty nasty to cause him to ban them. He’s not the type who bans people because they disagree with him, no, not at all. In fact, he does all he can to encourage lively debate on a lot of important topics these days. I especially like his “we’re all in this together” attitude. That is spot on. We ARE in this together and each other is often all we have to get through whatever comes next. Cherish those who are doing God’s work of getting the truth out there. Heaven knows, the MSM isn’t doing any of that. They have devolved into a propaganda tool, for the most part, and not a very good one at that. But they are good enough for the dumbed-down low-info types, shameful as that is.

    • Greg

      SGTreport has never banned anyone for their opinion. We’re dealing with technology so lets all be a little bit more patient.

      • SGT

        Greg, again thank you. In the last three months we have only banned “omega shock” John, an avowed Zionist who damned me to Hell. But even he keeps coming back time and time again with new IP addresses. With that said, we have been having issues with our spam filter which has for some reason been blocking a couple people here and there for absolutely no reason that we can find. Dante was one of those folks.

        The spam filter however is entirely an absolute necessity or else we will get overrun with 30-60 comments like these, PER HOUR, 24/7:

        [email protected]
        Submitted on 2015/07/26 at 9:41 pm

        在中国辽阔的国土幅员之上,有咆哮万 隧道堵漏公司 里的长江,有九 污水池堵漏公司 曲回转的黄河,更有无数江河流传着美丽动人的传说。但是,除了鸿沟之外,却没有另外一条沟,能够进入历史的视野,在两千年的岁月中,始终闪烁着历史的刀光剑影。上海隧道堵漏公司/上海污水池堵漏公司/上海地下室堵漏公司甚至,可以说,它在历史烟尘中的地位和名气,因为它而发生的历史故事 地下室堵漏公司 ,丝毫无逊于那些万里奔腾的大江大河。更有趣的是,现在的鸿沟两岸,当年的古战场处,在历史的硝烟中沉沉浮浮的汉王城和霸王城,已经成为著名的旅游胜地。竖立在河岸霸王城城墙附近的那匹正仰天长嘶的战马,自然会引起人们的无限遐思。站在历经沧桑的鸿沟两岸,仿佛又回到了那个金戈铁马、旌旗猎猎的时代

    • newfynew777

      don’t feel alone too..

  • Tom G.

    I’m about 20 minutes into it, but, I can’t see why Ms. LaRouche would even consider the possibility that Glass-Steagall could be implemented.

    The Big banks don’t want GS and got rid of it in 1999.
    The Big banks write the laws.
    The Big banks own the politicians.
    Ergo: Glass-Steagall will never see the light of day.

    Just MHO.

    • Paul T

      I agree with both Jeff and Tom here. The time to try and save our country is over. All we can do now is save ourselves and brace for impact with silver, food, water, guns and ammo, and anything else we know we’ll need. Good communities too. I already accepted that it’s too late to save the country. We just need to prepare the best we can to make it out the other side and hopefully we can rebuild a new country after learning from this mess.

      • Ed_B

        “… and hopefully we can rebuild a new country after learning from this mess.”

        Agreed. The bad news is that learning from our mistakes is not a great human attribute. It would be wonderful if it was, and it is for some of us, but the fact that we, as a society, keep making the same ones over and over again is not encouraging. How many times and places have to try socialism, for example? We already know that it works just fine until the government runs out of other people’s money and personal incentive and initiative are crushed. Then everyone sits around waiting for someone else to create something that we can all share… and nothing happens other than stagnation, shared misery, and ever greater repression. 🙁

        • Eric

          I think it’s already happening Ed. Too many leeching onto productive people and/or government to solve their problems.

          Of course the government will run out of other people’s money eventually. Then it will just be the productive people and the leeches left.

          This is why I bar my gates with reinforced steel, keep security cameras, barb wire, and cactii around the fence. From the outside it looks like a dumpy house. A little nicer on the inside.

          • Ed_B

            OF COURSE IT IS ALREADY HAPPENING! Sorry to shout but this IS pretty obvious, with 47M people (and rising) on the dole in the US, more coming all the time, and the GD politicians not doing a thing about it. I only used that as ONE example of people not learning from past mistakes.

            Forting up is good. Add some roses to your property. They are beautiful AND repel home invaders. Nothing like 10,000 thorns between you and someplace you are trying to get. lol

        • Eric

          UPDATE: my very conservative, cheap, and very “joobag” neighbor just all of a sudden out of nowhere texted me trying to sell me his junk and when i declined and said “No thanks,” he told me I was cheap and an “idiot.”

          Meanwhile the greedy ass just acquired a new motorcycle to add to his collection.

          Beware of your surroundings guys!!! People are going through what we went through a long time ago.

  • Jacobson

    Jew haters, start you discussion down here ⤵


  • Dissolution

    Seems like an underreported story so far: “Kremlin to Seize Foreign Assets in Response to Frozen Russian Capital”

    Read more:

  • gary h

    love these interviews with the world’s foremost economic “egg spurts” keep um comin Sean..great job as always..

  • Tea

    Sean, Silvertowne is saying due to high demand for silver, orders containing silvertowne-minting items may take up to 6 weeks to fulfill. This can be found on it may be something some of your listeners may be unaware of, the market seems to be getting tighter and tighter.

    • hal

      I order some from silvertowne and delivery is delayed considerably compared to what is typical. At least a couple of weeks slower, maybe more even.

    • SGT

      Thanks Tea. Shortages are real, not that it matters much when criminals control the paradigm and the mockingbirds won’t report it.

      • Greg

        I think shortages must occur more frequently and beyond investment demand from everyday people. If corporations such as Apple or other tech giants start having problems with silver shortage where production is delayed often then it may go mainstream. Thoughts?

  • Lude

    Jacobson…regarding your invitation to “Jew Haters”:

    Read the following articles if you dare confront your ultimate nemesis, truth.

    People can SAY ANYTHING. What matters is what people, DO….

    Israel’s Khazars (fake jews)…make the term “antisemitic” a sick joke—one of the cruelest hoaxes ever to poison humanity. How can central-Asian Khazars (Mongols, Huns, Turks) be “God’s Chosen People”?

    Two articles presenting “Kryptonite” (TRUTH) to your “Jews/Khazars” as God’s chosen people paradigm:


  • Ed_B

    Mankind is in mortal danger? Is there another kind of danger? 😉

  • long john silver

    Brother Nathanial has done his homework..

  • thinking outside the matrix

    Make videos and inform the uniformed. A New World Order is a transfer of power of both economic and freedom from the West, the 1st world, to the East, 3rd world. The 3rd world, the East, has been serving the 1st world, the West, by allowing the exploitation of its natural resources and it’s people’s labor. Many of these countries such as Mexico are resource rich. This only has been able to occur because of economic freedom has been greatly limited in this part of the world.

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