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Are You Prepared For The Coming Collapse Pt2

from Prepper Recon:

Here is part two of my appearance as a guest with David Kobler on Today’s Survival Show. We discuss practical prepping tips and how to be better prepared for the inevitable collapse. If you enjoy the show, please like and subscribe!

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  • Craig escaped from Detroit

    Car Prepping. In the last 6 months, I’ve gone BIG TIME into “up dating” my 15 year old car.

    I’ve made a LOT of updates recently, some things needed a bit of fixing, and I just went into it like a crazy man (crazy like a FOX).

    New alternator, Deep Cycle battery (I like these better than regular batteries). New CV shafs & wheel bearings.
    Muffler, tie rods, brake pads, rotors. Heater core.

    Just a few days ago,, a TRANS cooling line started with a PIN Hole squirty leak,, and I knew that other things may be getting ready to fail.

    And in the next few days, will change (Just ordered on line), NEW Radiator, and all the Hoses.
    Changed out the Trans Cooling lines and found MORE areas where they were paper thin.

    Also adding an extra trans cooler (I’ve learned to put these AFTER the radiator trans cooler,, BECAUSE most radiators now a days,, run at about 220F,, so if you put the extra trans cooler BEFORE the radiator,, the trans fluid going BACK to the trans will NEVER be cooler than the radiator.) I want MY trans to get fluid below 220F.

    New radiators for MY car, at the local retailers,, is $140-200, ,but on line, found a NEW one,, for $77 delivered. Hoses are cheaper on line too. Yes,, Thermostat too.

    New belt, and last year replaced the belt Tensioner. It’s good to have THOSE things in your storage bin if they’ve got 100,000 miles on them or more.

    Also ordering a NEW water pump and starter motor to put in storage for when it’s needed.

    Flushing/changing all fluids, (don’t forget the trans fluid & filter).

    These updates cost me more than I wanted to spend,,but I figure a working car is very important.
    I don’t want to get stuck with TOWING bills,, or have to abandon a car.

    With ALL those things recently changed,,and the few other items I’m putting into my storage shed,, I hope to be prepared to keep the car running without any help from the SHOPS for the next 2 years.

    Don’t forget a TUBE (or more) of 100% Silicone RUbber caulking (the one that smells like VINEGAR).. is in reality, RTV sealer,, good for gaskets,, (even the cheapest is rated for more than 350F temperature). Some spare headlamps, brake lights is also a GOOD idea. Wiper blades, windshield washer fluid,, motor oil, trans fluid, BRAKE fluid

    That reminds me,, I will spend another $20 on another box of brake pads… AND I will see about buying and storing another brake MASTER Cylinder… and a few new brake lines just in case MINE start to rust away.

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