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ABC’s Of The Police State

from TruthNeverTold:

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3 comments to ABC’s Of The Police State

  • Sam

    That’s about it, yet, most fail to realize that this is a symptom of the Fish rotting from the Head down AND it’s only getting worse with the crumbling socio-economic conditions created by the PTB.

    Where will it end?

    Think Gulag State of yesterday’s Soviet Union.

    • Ed_B

      Nope. Not thinking that. Instead, I’m thinking armed revolution with the US military supporting the citizens AND the US Constitution, rather than the unholy alliance of corrupt banksters and even more corrupt politicians. After which there will be trials, convictions for treason, and hangings. Lots of them.

      • Sam

        Many are slowly boiling in the various oppressive pressure points around the world really and yet Most at this point fail to be truly alarmed.

        We shall see if in fact that they jump from the pot or continue to be cooked until fully done.

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