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A “No-Fly Zone” By Any Other Name – The “ISIL-Free Zone” In Syria

by Brandon Turbeville, Activist Post:

As the NATO Article 4 meeting concludes with little or no fanfare and no major decisions made regarding a “no-fly zone” over Syria, many onlookers may take the opportunity to sit back in satisfaction that the meeting was concluded without any announcement of further direct military involvement in Syrian affairs. For many, the lackluster meeting was simply more proof that Turkey and the United States will not attempt a frontal assault on the Middle Eastern country.

Unfortunately, however, the big decision was not made at the NATO Article 4 meeting, it was made bilaterally days before between Turkey and the United States.

The new agreement effectively creates a “buffer zone” that will span from the Turkish border line into Syria. It will extend from Azaz in the East to Jarablus in the West and as far south as al-Bab. The width of the zone would be about 68 miles and would extend around 40 miles deep into Syria, right on the doorstep of Aleppo.

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