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A Conversation with Keith Neumeyer of First Majestic Silver

from TF Metals Report:

Keith Neumeyer is CEO of First Majestic Silver and chairman of a new venture called First Mining Finance. He stopped by TFMR today to discuss a number of topics near and dear to the hearts of metals investors everywhere.

Among the topics Keith addresses in this 28-minute podcast:

  • The current state of miners and mining, the cost of production at First Majestic and the steps that miners take to manage and minimize costs during this period of depressed silver prices.
  • The intentions and goals of the new venture he has formed with Eric Sprott, Rick Rule and others. Named First Mining Finance, Keith describes how it works and where folks can find the shares.

It was a real pleasure and honor to have the opportunity to visit with Keith and we wish him well in all of his endeavors. Please take the time to give this podcast a thorough listen.


p.s. You may notice a few edits in the audio. Just as I was asking Keith about the CFTC and their response to his letter, the Skype audio cut out. Coincidence?

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4 comments to A Conversation with Keith Neumeyer of First Majestic Silver

  • Hi,
    Thanks for making me feel better.
    My money is all gone now from taking your advice.
    So, thanks for the encouraging thought that I should have made money.
    Unfortunately I have tried to pay my bills with that nearly worthless silver bullion that I now own,
    and no one wants it…I’m screwed.
    Thanks a lot for convincing me to live in the fake world of “the way it should be”
    instead of the real world “the way it is world”.
    Well I guess I don’t have to worry about weight gain as I don’t have money to buy food to eat.
    I don’t have to worry about mowing the grass, because I put my money in silver and thus lost my house to the banks.
    I think I hate silver and I wish I had never listened to this nonsense about silver cartels and suppressed pricing.
    I hope you have the balls to print this…but I doubt it.
    If you print it, maybe it will save someone else’s future… my hard earned life savings are gone.
    And that F#####G Abomination of a Pres we have over this ungodly heathen country of liberals has ruined most oprortunity for entrepreneurial recovery.
    ‘Good thing I’m old…I hope to die soon. Maybe the Lord Jesus will accept me.
    Congratulations Silver TALKERS. You talk “surely” about things which you have no predictive knowledge -that proof is in the results.
    I should have done exactly the opposite of what you insinuate and promulgate.
    You leave people who trust your words, with no hope and no money.

    • Eric

      Geez Bruce could you be more emotional?

      If you would study history and research for yourself, you will realize that silver has been money for 5000 years and that just because the dollar came along 102 years ago doesn’t mean it will last forever. Can you name one fiat paper currency that has lasted the test of time?

      Your defeatist attitude of “I hope I die soon” is exactly what TPTB would like. If you are as old as you claim, you would have noticed something going very wrong when they removed the silver from the coinage in 1964 and when Nixon closed the gold window in 1971. What were you doing back then anyways? Unfortunately, I noticed most of the “old” crowd still can’t understand basic facts like distinguishing the difference between “money” and “currency.” How much of that currency did you pay your tithe with at church while supporting your own enslavement? If you were buying silver when it was $3/ounce you would most likely be sitting pretty right now. Nobody told you to go all in, but if it makes you feel any better, that is exactly what I have done. I am sitting on a huge stack of “worthless” silver and yet somehow my mortgage and bills are all paid as well as their silly taxes and yet I still have food in my fridge. What did you do to create value over the years because I have done a lot already and am only about half your age?

      Grow up already. Accept responsibility for you own actions and stop blaming everyone else because all you did was listen, but you didn’t think.

    • Eric

      I won’t even bother to get into the jesus lie you believed all these years without ever questioning it. But in a life as long as yours, did you ever read any books related to money or history?

  • rich

    Nanex ~ 14-Jul-2015 ~ HFT Hot Potato 2 – The Treasury Flash Crash

    On July 13, 2015, the U.S. Department of Treasury, the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, and the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission released a joint report analyzing the significant volatility in the U.S. Treasury market on October 15, 2014 (press release, paper [pdf]). We’ll simply call it the “Fed paper”.

    For reference, we published two pages of our findings and charts published shortly after the event: Treasury Flash Crash, and Treasury Flash Crash Update.

    As an expert in the field of forensic investigation in market structure events, we’ve been in regular contact with government and monetary agencies world-wide over the Treasury Flash Crash Event, the Federal Reserve was no exception.

    This paper highlights key findings in the Fed Paper.

    The Fed Paper goes on to compare the trading profiles for PTF’s with Bank-Dealers, probably in an attempt to justify the use of a new term using a table full of numbers. However if we simply look at the vast difference between the 5% and 95% numbers for PTF (HFT) – see red boxes below – it becomes evident to us, that PTF was probably invented by a lobbyist, not someone concerned with data integrity or intellectual honesty:

    3. Rampant Wash Trading.

    One of the most shocking findings in the Fed Paper is the amount of wash trading discovered. Not only in the cash markets (where it might be legal), but also in the futures market (where it is certainly not legal). The figure below shows the amount of wash trading (called, Self Trades – another new, odd, lobbyist-like term) in the Futures and Cash Treasury markets. The dark red and blue lines indicate illegal activity: those lines should be flat. It is very disturbing to see wash trading rise significantly during the crash event. Wash trades could easily be used in times of stress to walk prices higher or lower, by simply buying from yourself at higher or lower prices (which is one of the many reasons it’s illegal).

    Perhaps more troubling than the wash trading itself:

    the regulator’s reaction after discovering it. It’s not often a regulatory agency finds blatant illegal activity with audit trail data

    which means the regulator already knows the exact identities of the guilty parties. While there still may be fines over this behavior yet to come, the regulators response is alarming.

    How many participants might think wash trading might be worth the “regulatory risk” after reading this?

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