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White Americans Are Biggest Terrorist Threat to the U.S. Says NBC News!

from Mark Dice:

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25 comments to White Americans Are Biggest Terrorist Threat to the U.S. Says NBC News!

  • Dissolution

    Um, can you please start calling me “Caucasian American”? You know, just to be politically correct. Because I’m pretty sure people are still calling blacks “African Americans.”

    Let’s be consistent, people.

    • Eric

      Yes! Since we are so PC, I would like to be known as a 1/2 German American, 1/4 Norwegian American, and 1/4 Swedish American.

      Of course, I just call myself an American.

  • Gnostic

    Perhaps they are the biggest threat to powerful U.S. controllers AKA Jewish Elite Tyranny,

    Beyond that they are not a threat, but I don’t control the media so who cares what I say. Sad to say millions of whites hate themselves because of the horse shite coming out of Zio-land propaganda mills.

    • Timco

      You are exactly right Gnos. Additionally, it appears to me these freaks have ramped up their efforts to divide and sow distain among everyone. This is sickening.

  • Eric

    I’m sure there are at least some Black Americans, Asian Americans, Middle Eastern Americans, Italian Americas, and even 1 or 2 Trans-abled Americans that are stacking silver.

    NBC = National Bullshit Channel

  • I’m sure if they said the biggest terrorist threat were African Americans we would not hear a peep out of the pundents about that. I am never surprise how easy it is to manipulate weak minded Americans! But I do often wonder how long the powers that be are able to sustain mind control over white and black Americans. To keep us at one another necks as their reap the benefits. Racism is a man made contagious form of mental illness and only those with powers of discernment are immune. Are you immune? MEN LOSE THEIR MINDS IN HERDS, BUT THEY REGAIN THEM ONE BY ONE!

  • chicken fries

    Yep. It’s all those “stars and bars” white gangs in Chicago, Detroit, Jacksonville, Boston, Baltimore, LA, Stockton, Gary, Philly, KC and Hartford that are the real troublemakers.

    When everything else fails, play the race card (again). What a bunch of crap (again).

  • Tea

    “Whites Americans Are Biggest Terrorist Threat” is a true statement and title to understand. When the Europeans came to America,they murdered a large number of Moors, Indians, and Blacks; and they are still murdering a massive amount of black people and have brought these murderous efforts to the middle east and are murdering them in masses. All the while the attention has been on blacks murdering and Muslim groups to cover the whites atrocities. All whites are not bad and all of them are not racists but the majority are.

    • Eric

      Not really! Colonists fought the french and the natives. Then fought along side the french against the british. None of anything you just said makes them a terrorist or a threat.

      • Tea

        When native Americans were murdered right after the peace treaty was signed with pilgrims,the Indians were murdered,that is terrorism and Threat! When black people were put on ships and fed to sharks, raped, lynched, beaten, castrated, homes burned, etc. All by the hands of whites, that is terrorism and Threat. What if someone did these horrible things to you or your white predecessors you would call it an act of terrorism or a threat. When Kkk members was going around lynching, burning crosses on the lawns of blacks, and setting homes on fire, that was an act of terrorism, racism, hate, and a threat!

        • Eric

          Of course I would. But I didn’t do those things. And my ancestors didn’t come to America until long after.

          All I’m saying is that racism does not automatically equal terrorism. The use of violence or force against others equals terrorism. And one persons skin color does not automatically make them a terrorist or a threat.

        • Eric

          You gotta see people as individuals Tea, not collective groups. Unless its a mob.

        • anon

          Tea, do you know WHO, EXACTLY, was most heavily involved in the Black, African Slave Trade?

          Who Brought the Slaves to America?

  • Tea

    You may not have done those things but you are part of the problem when you engage in the white washing of what has been and continuing to go on. You are a beneficiary to the crime and racism has led to terror attacks against black people, and your definition of terrorism proves my point very well! A person’s skin color does not make them a terrorist but the acts which a person commit can. If a Muslim person murdered or killed a number of white people you wouldn’t have a problem saying terrorism. It is time to stop white washing and see the truth for what it is White Supremacy! I understand you may not be white but you cover for their wrong doings so you are just as much to blame.

    • Eric

      “A person’s skin color does not make them a terrorist but the acts which a person commit can.” That’s what I said. You originally said ‘Whites Americans Are Biggest Terrorist Threat’ is a true statement” so which is it? Is it a person’s skin color that makes them a terrorist or the acts which they commit?

      And who am I covering for??

      Killing others IS terrorism. Acts of violence are terrorism. But I peacefully non-comply with this system as much as possible and encourage others to do the same. Is that terrorism?

      If you are going to fall for what NBC or CNN tells you, then don’t tell me I am part of the problem. I know who I am. And it is not my skin color, my name (legal fiction), my job, my heritage or my body.

      If you are going to blame all white people as being the problem, or any other collective group, then maybe it’s not them that is the problem. Maybe it’s time to look in the mirror and blame yourself for your problems or your anger. I constantly see people judge other people and I always tell them they are no better than the ones they are judging.

      Which terror attacks against black people are you referring to? The most recent in Charleston reeks of a false flag with crisis actors as do most everything the MSM hypes up. And how am I a “beneficiary” to any of this?

      I’m not saying there isn’t terrorism or racism, or that black people haven’t been targeted or Native Americans haven’t been targeted in the past, but either united we will stand or divided we will fall. These monsters are masters at dividing us. Can’t you tell?

      My question to you is… are you anti-white? Cuz right now it looks like the white people are the targets. Last week it was the black people. Next week?

      If people don’t start getting over their petty differences and start THINKING for themselves, we are ALL finished.

      • Tea

        Go back and reread all of my comments to receive understanding of the truth.

        • glitter 1

          Do you understand that ALL HUMANS,including yourself, are under judgement and there is only one avenue of escaping it?

        • Eric

          Tea- I thought I just did that. I quoted you twice. Just answer my question.

          Are you anti-white?

          Because you sound like it to me.

          • Dissolution

            I’ll see your “anti-white”, and raise you “racist.” Better yet, let’s call him a “terrorist”!

            Someone call Napolitano. Hey, this is kind of fun. I see why so many people love to play the atrociously fake and contrived racist card.

  • noname

    It didn’t happen only in America. In Canada:

    Australian aborigines also experienced similar. I can’t think of other races with roots not tied to England that would have amassed huge territories, call them their own and force their belief systems and cultures upon the existing ones. Quite peculiar, indeed…Well except presently, the Zionists in Israel is rather close, of course.

    Having said that, yes, I agree that the new generations should never be blamed for the the deeds of their ancestors. Same applies to the idea that we should never blame Muslims for the act of the few paid extremists (whom I suspect funded by non-muslims, and we know trained in the west, by no other than….whites?).

  • Dissolution

    Tea, a lot of bankers are white. Corrupt politicians, Zionists, Masons etc too. Does that convict all of us Caucasian Americans? And please, dont call me white. I might get offended.

    Youre vomitting up a lot of tired talking points there, buddy.

  • anon

    George Soros and State Dept. Funded Group Claims Most Terrorists in the U.S. Are White

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