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Welcome to Dystopia Episode 3: Rise of the Robots & Automation

from WallStForMainSt:

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  • Smiteproductions

    Problem is, most of us like the automation. How many of us use ATM’s rather than go into the bank? Why? Because it’s faster and easier. How many of us use vending machines rather than go to the store? Lots of us do, which is why they are there and not out of business. Robots do a lot of work making cars and such because they do a better job, which is why many car manufacturers can offer ten year warrantees now, which is something people like.

    It’s true that traditional manufacturing jobs are going away. The new jobs will be with robotics and computer coding. It’s a paradigm shift. The jobs will be there, they’ll just be different jobs. Community College will teach a lot of this stuff, and I suggest people look into it. There’s no reason to believe that it’s negative. It’s just different.

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