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Washington Pressures Europe to Act Against Its Best Interests

from Sputnik News:

The extension of economic sanctions against Russia by the European Union announced Monday will not just hurt Moscow, but will result in “severe difficulty to European countries first,” Italian journalist, politician and former MEP leader Giulietto Chiesa told Sputnik.

On Monday, the EU moved to extend its economic sanctions policy against Russia, imposed over the Ukraine conflict that began in early 2014, for an additional six months. The decision did not come as a surprise to Moscow, especially as the EU warned last week that an extension would be implemented.

Giulietto Chiesa, a former member of the European Parliament, was also not surprised by the decision, adding that it was done at the command of the United States and was not in the interest of the member states.

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1 comment to Washington Pressures Europe to Act Against Its Best Interests

  • anon

    The Communist “EU” government in Brussels is anti-European, so it makes complete “NWO”-sense, that “EU” sanctions would hurt Europeans more than Russians, since the “NWO” and Brussels are part-and-parcel of the SAME FORCES behind Obama, and the CFR. This is very likely about holding together the debt-enslaved “EU” by feigning sanctions vs. Russia. It’s part of the dialectic. Blame the Russians for whatever, impose sanctions purportedly against Russia, that effectively harm the economies within the “EU”, and further debt-enslave them to the ECB, then blame the U.S. for the sanctions policy, that is harming the “EU”.

    Meanwhile, the U.S., Russia, and China continue to move forward as the “leaders” toward the international “elites” NWO?

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