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US Eagles Soaring While Jack Lew Sits on the Price Today

by Bix Weir, Road To Roota, via SGT Report:

One of the dichotomies that has been present since the introduction of the US Silver Eagle Program in 1987 is that the official price of silver as determined on the paper/electronic exchange called the COMEX has absolutely no bearing on how many US Silver Eagles are sold. Supply and demand go right out the window as the US Mint has been rationing Silver Eagles from way before it was legal for them to do so. If the price goes up or down it makes no difference…Silver Eagles fly off the shelf when the rationing is removed (as it was on June 1st).

In the first 3 days of June the US Mint sold 925,000 coins averaging 308k per day. If we extrapolate that for the month it comes close to 7M coins…the most ever sold in the historically slow month of June.

Historical US Silver Eagle Sales Data

Some may say it is just build up demand because US Treasury Secretary Jack Lew has ordered the US Mint to ration coins since January 2015.

Fair enough…but WHY was he telling the Mint to ration silver coins when the price of silver was bumping around it’s lowest price level since 2010? The ONLY reason that the US Treasury and the US Mint should be rationing US Silver Eagles is if there is a supply shortage.

And if there is a supply shortage then WHY has the price of silver steadily been dropping since 2010?

Of course we all know the answer. Yes, there is a supply shortage of physical silver and the US Treasury Secretary and US Mint are frantically rationing the most popular silver coin in the world to avert a crisis in the Silver Markets.

It’s been a long, long Road but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. The recent announcement from the US Mint practically SCREAMS at We The People to BUY SILVER EAGLES!!!

US Mint To Lift 2015 American Silver Eagle Rationing

“We are pleased to announce that effective Monday, June 1, 2015; we will no longer be allocating American Eagle Silver Bullion Coins. Authorized Purchasers may purchase as many American Eagle Silver Bullion Coins as they desire.”

Roota’s Take: The US Mint and Jack Lew have been ordered to stand down and let the US Eagle FLY.

Buy your Eagles at these bargain basement prices today…they won’t stay this cheap for long.

May the Road you choose be the Right Road.

Bix Weir

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