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Ukraine Nazi’s Target American Journalist in Donbass: George Eliason

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Editor’s note: We find this deeply disturbing. The number of journalists killed in Ukraine alone is a testament to the ever-growing corporate owned, propaganda, Mocking Bird media that has overtaken truthful, honest, accurate and unbiased reporting that once was the flag-ship of this profession. Please see our Mission Statement.

We are very concerned not only about the safety of George Eliason, but also about the safety of Graham Phillips a British journalist who has been covering Donbass and Paula Slier, a South African journalist, both of whom have had their lives threatened and stand the chance of being assassinated as have so many others in Ukraine today. By sharing this article and making them household names,  we might be able to contribute towards their safety in some small measure. 

Preface from Washington’s Blog:  We are not pro-Russian.  We think Putin can be an asshole, and we are appalled by Russia’s crackdown on human rights. We are Americans who are pro-truth. And we follow the truth wherever it leads.

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