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The Senate’s Patriot Act Betrayal

No one in their right mind can say to me with a straight face that the Patriot Act has not aggregated the Fourth Amendment.” – Peter Camejo

from BATR:

Watching the DC establishment respond to Senator Rand Paul’s efforts to sunset important aspects of the Patriot Act is like peeling back the skin of a decaying onion to expose the rot. Members of the Senate all take an oath to defend and protect the U.S. Constitution. Well those “public servants” who are doing their perfected “Potomac Two Step” would have the public believe that next week’s vote on some version of the House passed USA Freedom Act will halt the NSA from their systematic violation of 4th Amendment protections.

As expected the disinformation from the corporatist media, USA Today misleads as expected.

“The Senate voted 77-17 to advance a bill that would end the National Security Agency’s controversial bulk collection of the phone data of millions of Americans not suspected of any terrorist activity.”

As any sincere and knowledgeable spectator to the national tragedy and transition into a police state understands that bucking the establishment carries a very heavy price.

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2 comments to The Senate’s Patriot Act Betrayal

  • med_mercenary

    Are we so naive as to believe the surveillance will stop? I’m not buying it for a second. This supposed easing of NSA activiy fits very nicely into their plan. The next false flag. The big one. The nuked city. They’ve set up the plausible deniability that always precedes. We can hear them. “The NSA was handcuffed.” “We could have stopped this.”

    Further, Rand Paul as patriotic savior of liberty? Come on. This bit of theatre is meant squarely for us, the real patriots. They are totally in our faces with this. There are no political saviors or solutions. We who have stared down reality know it. Paul is role playing. It’s scripted BS. Don’t buy it. He is a wailing wall suck up, bowing to his masters, in his yarmulke.

    In the distance, between the chemtrails, that’s a mushroom cloud.

    • Dante

      Agreed 100%. Even if it isn’t all theater, these psychos don’t need a bill that gives permission to do the things the NSA does. They’re going to do it regardless.

      Does anyone actually believe that all of this spying began with the Patriot Act? This bill was all show in the aftermath of 911 to ramp up the “war on terror”, AND give the sheeple the impression that they were following the democratic process by voting on its passage. In actuality, these practices were already in place and will remain in place, regardless of any supposed DC wrangling, and regardless of this or that bill “authorizing” it.

      All this Patriot Act debate does is promote the phony idea that the people’s “representatives” give it their stamp of approval or not, hence satisfying the will of the people. The entire thing is a sham, just as everything that comes out of that wretched place is. Just another Hollywood production, a perpetual scripted dog and pony show for the idiots.

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