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Tonight…..I am a REFUGEE

from SouthernPrepper1:

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3 comments to Tonight…..I am a REFUGEE

  • craig escaped from Detroit

    It is a very good practical exercise. Well done. A small tarp, with its LONG life span,, GREAT idea.
    I think I’ll adapt YOUR idea,, with a more permanent arrangement.. instead of a 9×12. Perhaps a 14×20, etc,, big enough to stand UP in it, longer, etc.. so it can hold a family out of the WINTER weather, and still hold a small wood burning stove, etc. I’d also have to put some extra tarps on the end-flaps, to keep out the weather, bugs, etc.

    Having some BUG screen,, is a MUST, to keep out flies, bees, etc. For insulation? Not “bubble wrap”.. but PRE-purchase (and have handy), a big sheet of Swimming Pool SOLAR cover (SUPER bubble wrap), this stuff, can be 16 mils, and carry a 7 year warranty. Make a greenhouse from it, it holds MORE heat. As insulation layer before you put up the tarp, is a great idea (16x32ft piece is about $150.) Get the regular “clear”, not the blue or super clear, they both have pigments in them.

    Perhaps have a double layer of tarps, so the sunshine, as it degrades to outer layer,, you’ll still have a GOOD tarp under the first layer,,this is LONG term living.. and should do well for at least 5 years.

    Make a “rocket stove”, in the dirt, or from cement blocks above ground. Have some “stove pipe” and a few supplies so you can put a little wood burner inside your “tarp-tent”, for cooking or winter heating.

    Supplies such as this,, do require either a pickup truck, van,, or small trailer. It might be possible to stuff it onto one of those “trailer hitch-back shelf” (about $50-60 at Harbor Freight). Put your light weight & bulky stuff back there, don’t want to drag the rear bumper on the ground.

    And I like the idea of having a couple solar panels (inverter, etc) with me. I always install a DEEP cycle battery in my car, and NOT the regular car batteries.

    A bit of free, silent power for lights, recharge the car battery, small TV, radio, laptop, 2-way radios, cellphone, tablet, etc.

    I just LOVE the hurricane lamps (but you’ll need gallons of extra kerosene if you’ll be roughing it for 6-12 months.

    These types of exercises help to refresh my thinking. Thanks again.

  • craig escaped from Detroit

    Forgot to mention, that I’d be using electrical pvc conduit for the arched ribs, probably the 1/2″? Put 2 together for a 20foot length, bend & arch it. Repeat as many as needed. The 3/4″ may or may not be flexible enough for such a short span?

    Plenty of zip ties, twine, etc. On Youtube, they have all the videos about making a “hoop house” greenhouse using PVC conduit and clear plastic, or a big tarp, etc.

  • JoeRepublic

    Southern Prepper is a bad ass! Nice of him to think of others.

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