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You’re On Your Own In A Collapse

[Ed. Note: Show begins at 2:00.]

from Prepper Recon:

In case you still haven’t figured out that the police can’t save you in a societal breakdown, Officer Jack Waller is on the show today to issue a caveat about being prepared to take care of yourself.

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1 comment to You’re On Your Own In A Collapse

  • Craig escaped from Detroit

    Yep, you’re on your own (in case you didn’t notice, you’ve always have been on your own.)

    Here’s a UPDATED saying.
    “Lucifer-Satan HELPS them who help themselves”… or.. “praise the Gun & Pass the ammunition”.

    Leave “the Lord” out of it, as he seems to have been a “NO SHOW” (AWOL) for more than 2,000 years.

    He never came out of the sky to save his “chosenites” from the Nazi (AshkeNazi) holocaust, did he?
    He never came out of the clouds to save the millions of Cambodians from Pol Pot,, did he?
    He never came out of the clouds to save Rawanda, Tutsi-Hutu victims,,did he?

    So,, if you wait on the Lord, you’ll be facing DARWIN before you know it. Put your prayer book down and pick up a REAL faith giver. BANG. Mission Accomplished.

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