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from grindall61:

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  • The Truth

    Today is the new change everyone in America voted for in SodomObama. All I can say is Happy New Year or better Happy End Times. The countdown has begun as in the days of Noah. History proves that Rome was not destroyed because of money and neither was Greece under Alexander. But it was because of Sodomy for nothing defiles the land and destroys life than the joining of the same sex species. Today America has signed her death certificate. Be prepared because now everywhere there will be an infestation of cockroaches. I see the judgement on a non repenting country coming and it won’t be pretty! God did bless America, and now comes the judgement!

  • Bible Babble

    History proves that Rome was destroyed by “debasing” their money, and NOT by the number of people who were “poking the brown-eye”.

    Oh, those Biblical Warnings. I am still waiting to see those TALKING Snakes, talking donkeys. The all-everything God,, who demands perfection and is said to be 110% perfect, no lie, sin or shortfall resides in him, yet he LOST the battle against the valley people who had the iron chariots. (Could not even defeat the little 2HP iron chariots.. so how bad would he lose against the 300HP iron chariots we call PICKUP trucks & against modern bows and arrows= shotguns, AR15’s, missiles, bombs, planes, etc? Don’t believe it? Go see: Judges 1:19.

    Any “God” that has even a SINGLE fault, lie, loss to his record is NOT spotless, sinless, etc.. he is a FAILURE, and what did Jesus say about perfect father, spotless,, or what he said about “Satan”,, if satan did GOOD,, he would “self destruct”!! Same for the perfect “God”.. must be 110% perfect or he is total failure, self destruct, etc.

    Here is the very BEST, honest, truthful antidote to the Faulty Bible Babble that so many people believe.

    George Carlin proves religion (bible) is Bullshit.

  • Eric

    So can I still call the queers faggots?

  • Bible Babble

    While I do find useful things, GOOD things, and good tidbits of wisdom in the bible, it clearly is NOT “inspired” by any “perfect” (all anything) God. There are clearly SO many contradictions, false claims, and sometimes complete bullshit, that I’m amazed at all the intelligent people who turn OFF their intelligence when they read it.

    Come on now,, they forget how to “COUNT to 3” when they “believe” the Babble. They claim that 1.5=3. Want proof? Just COUNT with me,, the days of Crucifixion & Resurrection.

    They begin by saying Jesus was crucified dead, and was “in the grave” for THREE DAYS,, ROSE on the 3rd day.

    OK,, I’m NO genius,, but a DAY consists of a simple “day & nite=24 hours”. Even the old time Jews, Egyptians and everybody else in the area knew all about how long it is,, to go from ONE day to the NEXT day. They were pretty BIG on “astronomy, astrology, numerology, etc”.

    OK,, Jesus was Crucified on “GOOD FRIDAY”,,, (you got that? It was FRIDAY before sunset.)
    He “ROSE” on SUNDAY morning. (Count with me,, just like Sesame Street.)

    Friday=0 ,,, go ONE day forward,, and you arrive at Saturday before Sunset= ONE full day.
    Sunday Morning (Easter morning, the day of RISING).. HUH? this is a HALF a day after Saturday afternoon.. so at THIS point,, Jesus was “in the grave,, exactly 1.5 days,, but they say it was THREE days.

    Not even a kid watching Sesame Street would screw up the number 1.5 = 3 ????

    If Jesus had been “IN” the grave for THREE days,,, then he would have risen on MONDAY AFTERNOON.

    There are FAR WORSE screw-ups with Babble believers than this little gem. If you want to have a babble support contest, you’ll just get madder and madder.

    • Eric

      It wasn’t meant to be taken literally my friend. The New Testament was written in code by the calpernius piso family under the name of Josephus Flavius (jew) while in Rome.

      We’ve been going through this for 3 years on here. I’m not about to do it again. You do your own research and come to your own conclusions.

  • The Truth

    I amazes me how people of today are so in tuned with the surface of things and not the root. You same people speak of history and are very ignorant to the fact that all nations are and have been debasing their currencies. Even Sodom and Ghomorrah. That place was not destroyed for debasement but SODOMY! Please MARK my words ” that bible you all ignorantly hate, will prove it’s own truth”. Many of you will never see the root of the problem because you and your ancestors have accepted and voted for the very people who pass these laws of destruction.

    America has signed her death certificate, now you all will regret being called an American( A CRIME AGAINST NATIVES). Payback is on the horizon!

  • chicken fries

    America did not vote for (or numerically support) gay marriage: the NWO Satanist puppets voted for it. The American people did not vote for TPP either, although many of us opposed it to no avail. Lady Liberty is not dead; she’s just irresolute at this point. This sleeping giant is about to awaken.

  • Bible Babble

    The most intelligent design God,, knows all, etc.. put the Sewage Discharge Orifice only about ONE INCH away from the “Amusement Ride”. Yep,, VERYYYY “intelligent”.. SOooo close together,, it’s far too easy to get the “Wrong Hole” by accident. But that’s how a lot of women discover that they like it.

    Another interesting “accident” of the “all knowing God”.. is that the ANAL region just happens to have the 2nd HIGHEST number of PLEASURABLE NERVE ENDINGS (1st being the Vagina-Clitoris area).

    Hmmmm so WHY would God “intelligently, DELIBERATELY CREATE” SOooo many PLEASURE NERVES in and around the anus if he didn’t expect people to discover it and enjoy it???? (Kind of like having a BRAIN and expecting NOBODY to actually USE it?)

    SOooo,, God either does NOT exist,, OR… he is a RAGING LUNATIC who creates the very things he hates? Bi Polar deity?

    Then there just happens to be the “benefit” that the “alternative orifice” is a FORM of Birth Control. ALL the Pleasure,, NONE of the “Child Support Payments”. Hahaha.

    Let me see,, Jewish LAW, ,requires men (and especially RABI) to be MARRIED and have more children for Israel-God, etc… AND,, since JESUS was a JEW,, and he was a RABI… it would be very suspicious (and a violation of the law,, or was it just a “suggestion”?).. he had NO WIFE,, yet he travelled the countryside in the company of 12 other men without women? Hmmmm????

    Of course,, there is plenty of evidence that Mary Magdalene was the wife of Jesus.. but he did speak GREEK,, (those Spartan warriors were officially GAY or Bi).. and he did spend 98% of his time ONLY with “the disciples”. Hmmmmm???

  • Bible Babble

    PERFECT explanation of Biblical TRADITIONAL MARRIAGE. As GOOD as George Carlin!!!

  • Well, it’s ‘nice’ to see Satanism alive and well in the comment section. Satan is big into ‘perversion’. Homosexuality, Pedophilia and Beastiality. Why it’s just one big, happy family!

    Funny how that never works out well. Interesting, too.

    Only a fool rebels against God. Lots of examples of how that works out. So, keep up that worship of Lucifer/Gaia/enlightenment/whatever. To quote poor Ayn Rand:

    We can ignore reality, but we cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring reality.

    The poor woman ignored reality, and suffers for eternity. Willing to follow in her footsteps? Go ahead. Make my day.

    God laughs at you, and I do too.

    John Little

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