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THE SILVER SQUEEZE: Comex is Losing Control — Kranzler


Dave Kranzler from Investment Research Dynamics is back to discuss the treachery of the United States Congress and Senate who have betrayed the American people once again by approving the fast tracking of the TPP, which Dave says is the death nail for the American middle class.

We also cover the all-time high silver open interest on the Comex, the Cartel is piling on new paper shorts at record levels and Dave says, “This is potentially building to the mother of all short squeezes, and I think the fact that they keep piling on more and more naked short interest on the Comex tells us that they’re losing control of this.”

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25 comments to THE SILVER SQUEEZE: Comex is Losing Control — Kranzler

  • Before desperation sets in over the TPP, in parallel with state monetary movements, the States can block/neutralize these goings on. People should assail their State legislators to do exactly that. They should also tell their State lawmakers to get rid of the 17th Amendment that gave Wall Street control over the Senate, because formerly, national Senators were chosen by members of State legislatures as Senators are supposed to represent the States in DC. By having Senators elected directly, Wall Street needed to get to far fewer politicians, and it enhanced their control over the nominating process of both major parties. People need to tell their State lawmakers to get busy on thee matters, lest eventually they find their chambers forcibly shuttered!

    • SGT

      Thanks Charles, great advice. But how do we get the Sheeple, who have still never even heard of the TPP, help us so a damn thing? I guess state by state is the answer… if you live in s state full of dummies, move to a better one. But I’m getting closer to embracing the idea of moving OUT of this damned country altogether.

      • Ed_B

        “But I’m getting closer to embracing the idea of moving OUT of this damned country altogether.”

        That IS tempting, Sean, and many of us likely have been thinking of doing just that. But… where to go that’s any better? THAT is the question. Even if we find a place that’s better, there is NO guarantee that it will stay that way. Personally, I find New Zealand attractive in a number of ways but because of family considerations, there is no practical way to make that move. For better or worse, a lot of us are here to stay.

        • Petedivine

          I have lived throughout most of South America. The big countries all have an indigent population that could easily turn on the Americans that destroyed the world. That’s the stigma Americans may have to bare. People pray on minority populations given half a chance, especially people that show up with a pile of Gold and Silver buying empanadas at the local market … Just a bad idea. FYI”.. I lived in Brazil, Guatemala, Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador, and Panama. I have spent a lot of time in Honduras, and San Salvador. Americans are not liked. You will be a target. I think you are better off as a heavily armed islander In the Caribbean (think mean pirate) or in an acceptable location in the U.S. There are many places in the U.S. That are still embracing strong self sufficient neighbors no mater what your genetic background. Just bring value to your community of like minded Americans. That’s your best bet. You need a community and Thera are no guarantees you or your community will make it… Of course that is my opinion.

      • Eric

        Thanks S. Good stuff

        New Zealand is one of the places the elite are bugging out to. We might have to take a trip just to do some Reconnaissance there.

        The warning signs are out there. But there is no “safe place” anywhere on this planet. Lots of better places than the US, but you will always be a gringo or an outsider.

        New Zealand, Uruguay, Chile, Estonia, even Switzerland are all places I have considered. But there are lots of great places inside the US still too. Just make sure you have an underground fallout shelter. I still don’t think all out thermonuclear war is inevitable. But you never know. I’m waiting until this fall to see what happens before making any of those decisions, and in the meantime trying to pack up stuff, consolidate, and get rid of as much as I can.

        It’s easier when you’re alone. But if you have family, they will almost certainly have a better quality of life in many other countries going forward if you find a great spot. Best to have options and be flexible and a 2nd passport.

        Now if Hillary gets elected, yeah get the hell out of here on the first plane you can!!! Gonna get scary fast at that point.

        I’d still rather stay and wake up Americans.

        • Eric

          One more thing… Everyone really needs to have Joel Skousen’s “Strategic Relocation” even if you aren’t relocating. It has everything you need and maps of it all. Get that first before relocating.

          • john2


            After reading Joel’s book, we decided to buy a small bugout property in the Cumberland Plateau area of middle Tennessee. Small rural area, about 2000 feet above sea level, private, and about 75 miles upwind (and about 1000 feet higher)from the closest nuclear plant. We’re talking about living there permanently and setting up solar, aquaponics, chickens ,etc.

            • Eric

              Good job john. I still have a lot of work to do on my plan, but I am making some small progress. The hardest part is knowing exactly what you should do, but struggling to get others on board.

              I think I have that book just about memorized by now. It’s got a lot of crinkly pages. 🙂

        • Eric

          Great interview with Rob Kirby from 3 weeks ago…

          War Is Coming To Cover Up The Economic Collapse

        • Ed_B

          “I still don’t think all out thermonuclear war is inevitable. But you never know.”

          No, we don’t know. Fact is, we don’t know anything about the future. There are so many possibilities, some good, most not so good. A fallout shelter / storm shelter / root cellar is a great idea… a general purpose protected hole in the ground to dive into and pull it in after us, as it were. If there was to be a nuclear war, we had all best hope that it is of the “limited” kind, such as fought at sea or with tac nukes on the battlefield. If it is of the “all out” kind, it will destroy the world’s natural environment that supports all life on this planet. Even if one survives the war, surviving the aftermath will be virtually impossible… and VERY undesirable. Let us all hope that TPTB are not completely insane and thinking that this is a winnable scenario.

        • steven

          There are no Elections…WHEN are people going to understand this?

      • john2


        I keep hearing people say that…and I myself keep thinking about it…but it’s difficult and expensive enough getting residency overseas…but think about when the grid goes down or the dollar collapses and you don’t have access to your money. I’ve tried to work out all the logistics…but it’s difficult taking your gold/silver with you when you go. You can’t just hop on the airplane with it.

        Most expats overseas are either independently wealthy, relying on social security/pension (i.e. continued payments through US banks), or entrepreneurs who rely on the internet and a functioning banking system to survive. Just imagine being overseas….away from much of your family/friends support system…where you may not speak the language very well…without easy access to your money.

        We had planned on heading to Central America…but with things progressing so fast…I figured we’d try to weather things out through the end of 2016 and then see what happens.

        September is particularly worrisome. It’s no time to be trying to “figure things out” overseas. Just my .02.

        • Eric

          yeah you almost need to sell it and have a gold money account funded and stored in your country of choice.

          I sure wouldn’t try shipping it or walking on a plane with it.

      • Brian

        Hey at least we have actual video footage of Admiral Bird stating that he found a land mass bigger than North America with limitless resources in his expeditions to Antarctic. Ever do any pieces on the 57 country treaty to patrol the Antarctic border to keep anyone but, military out ? Pretty crazy how Russia and USA made this treaty right around the same time as the Cuban Missile crisis. There is more land out there. There is the big lie brother.

  • glitter 1

    Great stuff!More confidence/confirmation building that we have indeed made the right choices to protect our wealth.Be right and sit tight!

  • Nursy1

    Wow Sean…I mean…just… WOW!

  • randy0302

    Marshall swing just posted an article saying commercials were now net long 7000 contracts? 35 million ounces.
    Dave is saying they are record short??
    Who is correct?

    • glitter 1

      The Commercials are a record Short greater than 200,000 contracts,over 1 Billion ozs,they are at the same time building their Long position.It’s not a contradiction.Both positions are correct.

  • Willie

    “Comex losing control” = “Greece will default next week…” = “Jade Helm linked to Asteroid Stike” etc.

  • petedivine

    Great interview. I was reading a an article “Chinese Gold Standard Could Create ‘Fireworks’ – Bloomberg Intelligence
    A quote from the article “China is expected to receive approval from its central bank for a yuan-denominated gold fix, with a potential for an announcement as early as next week. ”

    Hmmm…. from a Bloomberg mouthpiece.
    Next week is the July 4th Holiday.

    • SGT

      Thanks Pete. Bloomberg keeps pushing the narrative of “China Gold-backed currency, tens of thousands price of gold as a result”… One must wonder why Bllomberg, why now.

      • Ed_B

        IMO, Bloomberg is an elite shill group that disseminates misinformation. I take their comments with about the same level of trust as I do the Fed or the BLS… which is to say with maximum skepticism.

        But you raise a great point, Sean, in “why now?”. Yeah, I’ve been wondering that myself. WHY NOW? Could it be that this is one of the many prelude comments to “the big one”, possibly coming to a country near us all this fall? Maybe.

        As I have mentioned before, it would make no sense at all to back the yuan with gold. Doing that doesn’t really help China all that much but puts their strategic gold reserve at risk, so there’s really no point to doing that when no other country on Earth has a PM-backed currency. Like it or not, the world is highly interlinked today, so it is not helpful to any one country to strike out on their own with a radically different financial system than that used by the rest of the world. Such an attempt would be ripe for abuse by those demanding to pay with paper but wanting to be paid in gold or silver.

        So, given that WHY is China hoarding so much gold? My thought is that they will offer a new kind of gold-backed sovereign bond and use their gold hoard as backing for that. The beauty of this kind of bond is that: 1) they are not convertible to gold UNLESS the seller defaults on the timely and in-full interest due and redemption of the bonds for cash, as stated in the purchase agreement, so their gold is not at risk if they pay the interest on time and in full and they redeem the bonds for cash in full when they mature; 2) the debt markets are very competitive arenas and even tiny amounts of interest are lusted after by the big institutions, such as hedge funds, retirement funds, and brokerages, that invest in bonds. The mere association of any bond with gold backing will set those bonds head and shoulders above all other bonds that are not similarly backed… and China CAN show their gold hoard to prove that their bonds are in fact so backed; and 3) all of this adds up to domination of the debt market, not just for China but for the entire world… and the debt market is truly huge… several times the size of the stock market. Bond buyers tend to like gold a lot and the thought of gold being there as a backstop for sovereign debt will be irresistible to most bond buyers. China will become the Big Dog in the debt market, which will give them enormous prestige and power in the financial arena. This is what China seeks… a position at or very near the top of the world financial pecking order where they can make the rules and set the agenda… and this would be a very crafty way of achieving those goals at minimal risk to themselves and their gold hoard.

        Given all this, all the talk of a gold-backed yuan looks a lot like distraction from the real issue here… like the magician who waves one hand to attract attention while his other hand actually performs the trick. And leave it to an elite shill group like Bloomberg to be leading the charge on this and waving their hands to provide all the distraction China needs. Yes, they will participate in this in some way and they will collect an enormous fee for doing so.

  • rich

    26 June 2015
    Shanghai Gold Exchange 54.2 Tonnes of Bullion Withdrawn – Total More Than All Official Gold of US

    During the latest week there were 54.2 tonnes of gold withdrawn from the Shanghai Gold Exchange.

    Since the beginning of 2009 there have been 9,030 tonnes of gold taken out of the Shanghai Exchange into China.

    That is more than 290,320,000 troy ounces of fine gold in bars.

    Just for the sake of comparison, as shown in the last chart below, the total official holdings of the United States are about 261,498,926 ounces of gold.

    So it does seem that since 2009 more gold has been withdrawn from the Shanghai Exchange than is in all the official holdings, vaults, forts, mints and Federal Reserve Banks of the United States.

  • Philosopher

    Anyone that is not exchanging $20 FRNs for 1-ounce silver bullion coins is an idiot. Those FRNs (or digits in your local bank) are going to end up either being confiscated or worthless. The people that have large 401Ks will wake up one day and not only be told those 401Ks are being converted (in other words stolen) they will also find out that those converted funds will pay them .10 on a dollar (if they are lucky). Same thing for people with government pensions or union pensions. They will wake up one day and their guaranteed pension will have been cut by 50%. It has already happened for some people. Pete Santelli did a report about how people getting a pension in Ohio were told it was going to be reduced by 50%. It was. That was it. There was no recourse for them. Just in case people thought it couldn’t happen here, it can, and already has and that was the first snowflake at the top of the avalanche.

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