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The Physics of Ionospheric Heaters, Killing the Pacific, June 7, 2015

from The HAARP Report:

This video shows the physics behind weather control, using Haarp (Ionospheric Heaters). Hurricanes can be steered, or destroyed, by this technology. This video shows proof of an ionospheric control operation, which stopped the rotation of hurricane Andres, on June 2nd/3rd, 2015. A strange curved line was parked on top of the category 4 hurricane, on June 1st. This curved line stayed in place, for more than five hours, without moving. This video explains the physics of how that happened, and shows the curved line is actually proof of a covert Ionospheric Heater operation. These transmitters are used dozens, or hundreds, of times each day, to create drought, control the jetstream, and drive warm air into the Arctic. Each time these megawatt transmitters are used, they punch a hole in the protective Ozone Layer, allowing lethal amounts of Ultraviolet B, to reach the Earth’s surface. This is the main reason the Pacific is dying.

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3 comments to The Physics of Ionospheric Heaters, Killing the Pacific, June 7, 2015

  • Jacob

    I am a libertarian and I believe in a lot of the stuff this website does, but videos like this are just garbage science. When that hurricane moves into 26 degree Celsius water that’s what killed it. 26 degrees Celsius equals 78 degrees Fahrenheit and hurricanes need 80 degree plus water to exist. Hurricanes are warm core storms and they need continuation of warm water to maintain that. Please stop with these garbage science videos, they will be used to discredit other good information that is on this website.

    • Craig it's all gone

      Dear Jacob,
      You are almost right,, but it’s NOT some absolute temperature that makes a hurricane happen,, it is the “temperature differential” between the high & low temps that creates the updrafts & downdrafts. SO it’s the movement of different temperature air layers.

      It can happen even when all the air temperatures are below 30F. You want scientific proof of this?
      Sure,, easy.. we’ve known that hurricanes can and DO happen BELOW ZERO.. just look at JUPITER’s giant hurricane storm.. bigger than our entire planet and the air & other “layers and densities” temperatures are VERY cold so far from the sun.

      If hurricanes cannot form below 80F,, then please explain the Jupiter storm in a way that astro-physists will give you a medal and put you in charge of Oxford university?

      And don’t forget,, that REAL science really works, not just on earth,, it also works all across the galaxy & universe.

      Another thing Jacob, could you please explain (in scientifically valid terms), how the artificial crease along one side of the hurricane,, never rotated from its position?
      (do I hear the sound of crickets chirping)

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