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The NWO Schedule of Implementation [Mod 1.4]

[This was a major update of my NWO Schedule of Implementation page. Important new updates have since been added, so click here for the newest version.]

from Redefining God:

First Half of 2015:

> June 4-18: There will be a notable economic downturn which could be set in motion by either a Greek default or a Federal Reserve interest rate hike (the Greek default seems the more likely candidate). The economic situation will grow worse as we approach September and may be accompanied by increasing war rumors and false-flag terror attacks (of both the real and the “crisis actor” varieties). Bank bail-ins and other measures to harvest the public’s wealth may be implemented in the following months. [This section has been updated and modified in Mod 1.5]

> June 16-17: The Federal Reserve’s Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) will meet. If they choose to raise interest rates at this time, it would be a double-whammy (along with the likely Greek default) on the financial system. Given the globalist meetings occurring in the September – November time frame, though, it is more likely we’ll see the rate increase in September.

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1 comment to The NWO Schedule of Implementation [Mod 1.4]

  • Eric

    Good outline.

    I would consider us all lucky if it goes that smoothly.

    Maybe we’ll get a few comments like “you were right” from family and friends and have some vindication.

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