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The Most Important Preps Of Your Life

from Survival Blog:

Many have threads, blogs, magazines and even books on the single most important prep that people have to stockpile. Some of the common phrases you may hear include “you need three of this” and “make sure this is in your bag”. Whether it be weapons, tactical gear, water filters, can openers, or any number of other items, all of these things are nice to have in multiples of each. Like the old saying goes “one is none and two is one”, but there is something that most people forget when it comes to their preps. It’s something that a lot of us have the ability to control and improve, and it can give you and your family a fighting chance in TEOTWAWKI or a SHTF situation. I’m referring to your body, your health, and your mind!

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  • Craig escaped from Detroit

    I do agree, it’s nice to be healthy, in shape, etc, but a LOT of us “wise” people, happen to be RETIRED and a bit “over the hill”… so I’d say, the MOST important prep, is to have enough food, water and gardening supplies to be able to have enough FOOD to eat, each and every week, month, year.

    This will require growing food (gardening), and preserving it. (canning, brine, drying, pickling, etc.)

    I’m luck that I don’t need to use a wheel chair or walker, but I’m getting up there. No running, jumping, or strenuous things for me.

    I am also lucky that I already moved into a RURAL area and can grow my garden without having to watch over it all day and night with a shotgun. (but I did put a varmint fence around it, and it’s right outside my bedroom window and I do keep a PELLET rifle handy, and also have a shotgun & 22 rifle that can be used to remove pests if they threaten my “food supply”.

    The ONE prep that remains to be obtained & installed? Motion Sensor Lights (and indoor beeper) to alert me to midnight pests in the garden area. (Most “Garden raiders” come at night.)

    I’ve been looking into (on the internet) about the “Big Bore” air rifles. Some very attractive, relatively quiet, and does NOT need “gun powder” when perhaps such things might not be available. As long as you’ve got a bullet mold, some lead, and fire, you can make all the ammo you’ll need.

    And it’s the 45 caliber air rifles (for about $1,000 ) that is good for deer,, out to 75 yards or more. Anything smaller, is not as effective. The range & speed of all the professional air rifles, is from 800-1100 FPS. Once you get to the 1100,, they may NOT be “sub-sonic” anymore.

    The most silent versions, seem to be the smaller bores. They’ve got a .25 super silent that would be great for raccoons, rabbits, etc,, without alerting or waking any other animals or people.

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