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THE FED: We rob-from-the-Poor and give-to-the-Rich

by Jeff Nielson, Bullion Bulls:

There was a stunning post over at Zero Hedge today, seizing upon a policy paper written by one of the Federal Reserve’s lackey-economists at the Philadelphia Fed. Very simply (but in a typically twisted manner) the Federal Reserve has now admitted what we have known all along. It is DELIBERATELY engaged in the wealth-redistribution of stealing-from-the-Poor and giving-to-the-Rich.

I’ve written a commentary on this (for Sprott Money) which I just sent off this morning, but this is such an important subject that I wanted to immediately get this onto the Forum, via posting an excerpt from Zero Hedge.

So who are “the Rich”?” No surprises there. We already knew that the primary “beneficiaries” of the Fed’s Reverse-Robin Hood crimes are the Top-1%. But what might (will?) surprise readers is learning just how broad “the Poor” have become. In other words; when we divide our societies up into the “winners” and “losers” of these monetary crimes (or rather, when the central bankers divide us); it’s amazing how few “winners” there are — and how many “losers”.

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