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The Eastern Bloc Locks Down Remaining Gold, While the West Snoozes

from The Wealth Watchman:

Diminishing, Available Gold Supply

As another week just passed by, with mainstream “economists” and “media” chuckling at gold, laughing harder at silver, and just plain “keeling over” at the thought of stackers actually still buying those metals, a few noteworthy items went under the radar.  These stories are very pertinent both to stackers, as well as to the ongoing fight between the Eastern Bloc and the Western banksters.

Mainstream media did not make much noise on these items, hoping that you’ll simply take their advice, put your life savings into CD’s(handsomely rewarding you with a hefty 0ish %!), and stay on their “treadmill to nowhere”, in the rat race that is all but destroying what’s left of the heart and soul in our generation.

While the MSM would rather distract with you by pointing to gold’s price, they’d really rather you forget the ominous headlines indicating that future gold supply is threatened…or that major countries are setting up the foundation for

South African Gold Collapse Continues

As usual though, when the MSM ignores a story, that’s usually an excellent indication that you should pay careful attention to it . So let’s take a look at some of these gold headlines, and what they mean to the larger, global financial tapestry.

First off, we all know that the South African gold producing industry has been in a long, steady fall from grace.  That’s no secret.  As you can see below, things have been deteriorating for South African gold mining for decades:

SA 1

That chart is stunning.  Here’s a follow-on factoid that will blow your mind: 

In the 1970’s, just 40 short years ago, South Africa produced roughly 80% of the earth’s gold…yet now it produces only 5%.

Yet while the collapse has been a rather drawn-out, long-term affair, the current, desperate market-rigging has only made things there much worse. In fact, their efficiency and yields have now grown so horrifying, that folks are beginning to wonder aloud if South Africa will even have a future in the gold-mining space at all.  As Peter Major recently said:

“It used to be we were the only country that could make money on gold and the rest of the world couldn’t,” says Major. “That has turned around. Gold production here could be zero by 2020. And that means that employment on the gold mines could be zero by 2020.”

Astonishing.  While is it true that no country’s resources are inexhaustible, failure of their mining industry to do anything to address the chronic manipulation, as well as other poor planning strategies, have certainly helped to undercut a key pillar to their historical financial health.

“Watchman, this is all just ‘doom & glooming’! Gold supply is just fine everywhere else.”

Uh, actually friend, that’s not true.

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