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The 7 Year Cycle & THREE DIGIT SILVER in 2016


Silver & Gold analyst Bo Polny from Gold2020Forecast joins us to talk about the 252-year stock market cycle, which can be broken down into smaller 7-year cycles, all of which points to an epic collapse in 2016. Bo says, “The cycle IS the manipulation” of the markets that we so often talk about.

Bo’s unique and somewhat controversial approach to precious metals and market analysis is regularly shared at Silver Doctors, SGT report and other precious metals news websites.

In this interview Bo says his research indicates that the current 7-year cycle is coming to an end in the very near future, playing out in 2016. The result of the end of the current cycle will be a massive stock market crash and the reversal of gold and silver to much, much higher prices. In fact, Bo is the only pundit we know of who is specifically predicting three digit silver in 2016.

Bo says, “And now the cycle is about to turn… the next massive or big up leg is now set to begin… before the month of June is over a new breakout will be apparent.”

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58 comments to The 7 Year Cycle & THREE DIGIT SILVER in 2016

  • tomche

    SEAN, just gotta tell ya:

    I am one of your biggest supporters and just LOVE what you do…Thank you.

    However, I get put off by “smart guys with all the answers” like this guy and I get really offended when he (in replying to a direct question) answers generally (summer) and that to get the specific answer (which month) you need to subscribe. I mean, c’mon. Really!? Is this the best we can do?

    • SGT

      Thanks for your support & input Tom, we have a lot of great guests lined up in coming weeks, two of whom (like Bo) I have never spoken with before. And although I appreciate everyone’s support and constructive feedback, pushing the play button remains optional. I thought this was an interesting take on the current global economic crisis and near term future that people might enjoy. Bo’s articles are featured at Silver Doctors, so thought it would be fun to get him on.

      • glitter 1

        Since my awakening on Gold and Silver beginning back 1999/2000 every G&S analyst bar none all provided commentary for free on various sites.However,after the obvious Bull Market in G&S got underway through 20004/05,every single one of those analysts now have paid subcriptions,every single one,including Ted Butler.Oh they will provide tidbits from time to time,but “All” will not give away the Meat of their analysis for free anymore and I don’t fault them for doing so because they spend allot of their time doing the research,after all do authors give away their books,do newspapers give away their papers,etc.
        I use to start my day for the last 3+ years with Ed Steer’s daily missive and now that he and Doug Casey have parted ways(I’d like to understand that one)he has gone on to his own daily letter(which is the same as before)only it now costs $100 yearly for the service,which I understand because he spends half of his life weekly to put it together.After all people’s time is worth something and have to earn a living.
        You have a massively huge following for “No Fee”,which has created a large crowd of spoiled followers,myself included.I wonder how many would continue following if they had to pay for the knowledge/privilege.Someday we may find out,since things/situations do change over time.

      • john L

        Thanks Sean, I personally think that was very gracious information for Bo too share…(especially if “bo knows”) …and after these past few years I can live w summer:) He does have a sub service to sell… which I fully respect; hard works = pay. And I’d imagine if you paid for his information “to the day”, then heard him just gave it way on your show, you would not be very happy. Thanks for having him on!

  • glitter 1

    ” We all know about cycles of seven” – Christine Lagarde

    Yes,the Occultists also believe/live by cycles and use a calender based on Gematria.

    Going back to my reference to discussions between Ted Butler and Izzy Friedman(2000/01) where Izzy said that someday you will be able to purchase a nice four bedroom colonial with a monster box of ASE,he also said that silver will shoot all the way up to $150/$200 oz,but don’t sell then because it will then shoot back up past that price and beyond.Sure sounds similar to Bo’s assessment.I’ve been “All In”since.

    Remember what LW’s Elite friend Ken Fromm told him:” The currency of the Elite is Gold and Silver”.

    They have their stashes/hoards also,but they use paper fiat to leverage it and for purposes of control.So,every time G&S go up in price it’s because they let it and it’s to their advantage even more so than for the profane/peons,since they all know when the timing will occur and possess a profound quantity of both metals.

    One final comment,the stock market crash may not be the obvious indicator that all is coming unglued,it’s the Derivatives,which are unseen that will collapse first.The stock market crash will be a/the symptom.

    • SGT

      Thanks glitter, it’s hard to keep track of everything and a lot of important stuff (like Lagarde’s “Magic number 7”) tends to go down the memory hole until someone retrieves it. That why you and anon and many others here in the comments do such a great service for us all by re-posting links, both old and new.

  • petedivine

    I take all prognostications of future events with a grain of salt. However, I enjoyed the interview and am curious to see if silver & Gold go vertical in June. I like Bo, he puts his beliefs out there for all to see and judge. You don’t see that very often anymore.

    I do believe the herd and by extension history repeats itself. Somethings like technologies and environments change, but human nature seems to endure. Patterns like the Shemitah emerge. What surprises me is that this is the first year I’ve ever heard of the Shimitah. Anyway, Bo’s prognostications will be shortly verified or note. We don’t have long to wait.

    • SGT

      Thanks pete, there have been a lot of hurtful, mean spirited comments over on the You Tube side, appreciate the kind input.

      • Eric

        Shake that crap off like water off a duck’s back my friend. Nobody likes to be wrong. But unfortunately we are surrounded by ignorant morons!!! Speaking truth is met with hostility and anger. Unfortunately they direct it towards the ones that are trying to help them instead of the ones that have duped them for so long.

        I can’t tell you how many times I have been told to go F*(&^ myself. Don’t take it personally. The era of shattered illusions is here. Speaking truth doesn’t make you well liked, but we warn them anyways for humanity’s sake. If it wasn’t for you guys, I wouldn’t have any friends at all. And I don’t need those types of friends anyways.

        Looking forward to finally dumping the rest of my paper in a few weeks.

        • petedivine

          You guys are troopers. I stopped warning people long ago for various reasons. I will make this observation though. Some of the older vets in my community know what’s happening. They’ve seen it before. They’ve hinted at PMs and preparedness. We are not alone. There is a generation that understands what’s at stake. I find that conversation with the older WWII and Korean Vet generation (what’s left of them) reinforces my own understanding of the current circumstance. This game has been played before. The last time we as a nation came out on top. Even then, it was no sure thing, and I’d say they were more prepared for their trials and tribulations then America is today.

      • petedivine

        Take faith in the knowledge that you are truly valued for what you’re contributing to the segment of humanity that hears and understands your message. Unfortunately, in every society and in every age there are those that will not see, will not think for themselves, and feel the need to lash out at anyone that would prick their fragile perspectives. Their fear binds cognitive reasoning (“Fear is the mind killer” Frank Herbert) I’ve seen the aggression these commentaries can create. I commend you for putting it out there. For every 10 people that lash out, there is a silent one that heeds your advice and or adds to their understanding. I assure you more people are awakening. You are doing good and may it reflect back upon you x 100 times over.

  • AK

    I find this cycle theory pretty interesting but Bo is really going out on a limb with his predictions. Either he is onto something and he will be proven correct or his credibility will go out the window pretty quickly. For now I am giving him the benefit of doubt and if his prediction for this summer turns out to be correct, I may just subscribe to find out more detail.

  • Troy

    Being I sold most of my silver in 2011-2012…I absolutely love $16 silver…We “me and a few of the local stackers” are ordering 2 and 3 times per month… I just received 3 more Provident Prospector 10 ounce bars…that’s the only silver I am buying right now…free shipping, and cheapest over spot, and I love the artwork!!! We have ordered 22 of the ten ounce bars this month alone, along with 210 Eagles, and 40 one ounce Prospector rounds. Next month we are ordering buttloads of silver as three of us have lots of cash coming. Also another local has just sold some farm land and is buying $25K in silver. Funny, even on of our bankers in town is a stacker, because he thinks silver is a steal anything under $20. I just hope silver stays under $20 for this year.

    • Eric

      I think that is wishful thinking that we will see $20 or less until the end of the year Troy. But I’ve read your comments long enough to know that you have done everything right. Your timing has been excellent. Stack em up! Keep it secret. Keep it safe.

      Finally got some of my neighbors in the loop who are becoming stackers. Wish I could say the same for my clueless hollywood buddies. Texted 20 people yesterday and told them to stack water.

      I don’t know how we’re going to get out of this, but hopefully those of us who are awake and aware can ride it out with some level of comfort.

      Never give up. Never Surrender! Preppers and stackers will inherit the earth…or as I call it…Planet Stupid.

  • Scott Wolf

    Nobody, and I do mean NOBODY, on this site is a bigger metals guy than me; however, people need to have some perspective.

    Truth is, until there is a total loss of confidence in the banking system (something we’re not even close to) and by extension the USDollar, the low prices (FRAUD) will persist. And with over $6 trillion of foreign debt in treasurys, the dollar is still king and will remain so for quite some time. The game is rigged and will stay that way until more COMEX contracts are settled in physical metal rather than cash. At present, only 3% of all global futures contracts are settled in actual delivery. For the COMEX to lose its grip on the price, this number must be much higher.

    Another troubling development is that the average citizen still has total faith in paper wealth, even after being robbed repeatedly! To them, the “gold is a barbarous relic” Keynesian narrative is correct. This also needs to change. But, those hardy souls brave enough to accumulate physical ounces regardless of some fiat price in the current “beggar thy neighbor” currency debasement style economy we’re all navigating will prosper while those around him lose everything yet again. Hoffman, Duane, Polny, Morgan et al have no more idea about when that catalyst will emerge to destroy the paper fraud than any of us. My advice: don’t worry about it. Just keep your head down, keep stacking, and disregard the noise. Our day is coming.

    • Eric

      I would agree with all of that Scott except I bet I am a bigger metals guys than you not that we need to compare stacks cuz that doesn’t really matter. 😉

      But you are correct. The masses still don’t have a clue and still think in fiat terms. But I DO think we are closer than you might think. Cash and Gold. Food and Water. Ammo and Silver. Land and trucks. Seeds and soil. Anything else is pretty foolish if it’s not along those lines.

      Our day is coming SOON!

    • AK

      Scott, I agree that ultimately nothing big happens in the metals until there is loss of confidence in the paper Ponzi scheme but who is to say that these cycles that Bo is talking about can’t coincide with the loss of confidence in the system? Are we not on the verge of a panic in the bond market right now? Is this what might cause a paradigm shift in the metals sentiment this summer that Bo was referring to? The system is so fragile that confidence could evaporate over night and keep in mind that only a small fraction of investors have to lose confidence before all the metal is gone.

  • willy

    BoLony is by trade a chiropractor. He and any of these “experts” touted on SD have been wrong for many years. Bo made this same call in 2014 and 2015, now its pushed back to 2016. Everyone should know the fact before listening to what he has to say.

    Also, remember SD site and many others are sponsored by the Silver Institutes “Silver Promotion Service”. The guy makes hundreds of thousands a month reporting hype and doom.

    • SGT

      willy, I only first heard of Bo one year ago, from Silver Doctors, so he’s largely new to me, thought people might enjoy his perspective. BTW, how do you figure he’s making “hundreds of thousands” a month?

      • Kim

        Hello Sean, I would love to hear you on Tru News, Rick Wile’s is stiring the hearts of our brothers in Christ who need to visit SGT each day.
        I spoke to Bill Murphy who likes Bo but I am not so sure, of course I hope he is correct but it all seems “hocus-pocus” , he seems relatively new on the scene. I feel I have been here way longer, does not make me smarter though (God I wish I would have sold my jr’s in May 2006)!
        Because he is a believer I want to give him the benefit of doubt but snake oil salesmen come in all forms and I don’t mean to be disrespectful to him or you.

        • glitter 1


          It’s not “hocus-pocus”.What Bo is referring to from Daniel,which started with letting the ground rest every seventh year.Israel didn’t follow that directive and as a result,they were sent to captivity under Babylon for their unbelief/disobedience,which lasted for 70 years,interesting huh.This is where the Shemitah is centered around/originated.

          • Kim

            Thanks glitter1, I sure hope so. I guess I have been around far too long waiting…….I understand the next debt jubilee is the jubilee of jubilee’s.
            Gods word is good enough for me.
            If you read this Sean, Rick Wiles?

      • willy

        Sean, I was referring to Doc. He recently posted numbers in ounces of what he “normally” sells in PMs. His perspective greatly shifted a few years ago when he started pushing PMs along with the mood and tone of his articles and the characters he promotes. No his site is mostly doom and hype telling everyone to buy NOW no matter the market climate. Every little excuse to buy is repeated daily and with growing anxiety.

        Bo’s repeated failed predictions, lack of history in the field, constant hyping and now his paid newsletter tell me he has also fallen victim to the sponsorship of the Silver Promo Program paid for by miners. It is unfortunate the number of blogs and characters that are now paid to promote a falling asset. SD and Bo are just a small snapshot of how the industry is trying to increase investment demand by turning a once smart investment into a pyramid scheme.

        Your site is much more realistic, which Doc’s was before he became a broker. I enjoy this site very much but seeing the sponsorship and promotion of the SD site has brought the same doomy mood which made many of his original followers abandoned his site. From erroneous figures to speculation and exaggerations, I would highly recommend limiting the content that flows through to your much higher respected site.

        • Eric

          Don’t buy silver willy. Invest in beanie babies. I got a hot tip that they are going to make a comeback in 2016. But only in Botswana pula terms.

          • Don’t value your stack in the Ghost of Money (fiat), don’t invest in money insurance (PMs) for the wrong reasons… concurred.

            But one can despise the disingenuousness of fake analysts like Bo and “The Doc” without decrying the investment itself. In fact, these wild price predictions cause people to invest for “the wrong reasons” (i.e., short to medium-term gains) and give potential investors not only poor advice, but leave a bad (metallic?) taste in their mouths regarding PMs.

            Continuing to value the “insight” of parasites like BoBo here simply damages the credibility of alt-everything, from media to investments, and that isn’t good for anyone involved.

          • Troy

            Beanie Babies are good, but Duck Dynasty items are what smart people are buying.

          • willy

            Sounds like the same defense over at SD before you started blocking posts, must have ruffled some feathers. I buy silver, just not from hypers with high premiums and ever changing shipping fees.

      • windrunner56

        I personally found BO Polny to be a little optimistic when it comes to PMs (although I am a physical holder so I would jump with elation). HOWEVER, I appreciate all different views and at least you have the decency to have different guests on, regardless of their take. We want the truth, the skinny and the optimism. So keep it up. As I have said on more than one occasion, this site is my first site in the morning because we do NOT get propaganda, we get many different views. Continue with your interviews, your guests are always welcome.

        Speaking of guests, I would love to listen to an interview with Alex Jones (I can hear Chris Duane gritting his teeth :), maybe Max Keiser and even George Noory. How is that for diversity…

        Keep it up. Wayne

    • Not sure if Bo’s making “hundreds of thousands a month” on ad revenue and newsletters, but he’s certainly making something, which is a lot more than the nothing his string of endless incorrect “predictions” should net him.

      Honestly, I can barely even stomach SD anymore. Blind faith in fake analysts, promotion of blatant disinformation agents like Karen Hudes, a bit of doom porn thrown in for good measure… it’s a constant metals sales pitch masquerading as a news site. TRUTH be damned, just buy our silver. If Chris Duane’s work is a peaceful synthesis between silver and honest Truth (as Chris sees it), then “The Doc” and his cohorts could be described as the chaotic fusion between fear and shiny, attention-grabbing medallions.

      Bo is a premier example of this phenomenon over at SD, and for the most part, the slew of angry commenters there have made it much more difficult to syndicate his content. Whether it’s Bo, Harvey Organ, or the myriad of other metals “analysts” who make wild pricing predictions to either flip newsletters or sling silver for their sponsors, Bo’s popularity is endemic of alt-media’s overall credibility. If I wanted to hear someone lie to me day after day, I’d just watch Jim Cramer. At least he’s entertaining.

      As always, I appreciate SGT and tip my hat to it as one of the premier alt media aggregators who also happen to produce some stellar original content. But honestly, I could do without ever hearing from BoBo The Chiropractor ever again, unless I’ve got a kink in my back! 😉

  • Eric

    Texe Marrs – The Jewish Utopia & The Kabbalah

    • Jacobson

      I’m still here, just don’t give a f*** about your foolish comments…

      Well, the 7 YeAr CyCle of ShEmItAh is about to end – where are all the false prophets ?
      Prophet Elyahu slaughtred all the false prophets on the mountain of the Carmel,
      He will return soon.

      You posted a video about “jewish utopia” and then wrote about the gay parade,
      Here is my answer to you, authentic video from Israel that answers both of your hate speech comments:

      🙂 🙂 🙂

      • Jacobson

        Special for you nazi Eric, with english subtitles:


      • Eric

        Angry rabbi transformers. That’s cute. All I did was share some links and ask where you were? Nothing hateful there. Nothing racist. Nothing “anti-semitic” and nothing “nazi” about any of it.

        How was the big gay party? Did you enjoy yourself?

        • Jacobson

          But what about the SHMITAH Eric ?
          The false prophets spoke about the jewish 7 year cycle.
          I wanna know where are they now.

          And don’t laugh, the megga-rabbi is a real project, it should be discussed on the show.

          • Eric

            What about it? This is the year of change. September 28…last blood red moon.

            Gnostic and you seem kinda busy lately. How was Tel Aviv?

            • Jacobson

              Year of change in my ass.
              Where are all those who spoke about the collapse in the secret symbolic 7th year of shmitah ?
              I wanna see ’em now after they blamed the jews for changing the world in the year of shmitah.

              Yes I’m busy with my research, and don’t have time for the foolish collpase mongers and jew haters.
              I realized that the alternative media and markets are the same crap.
              I still like silver and gold, don’t get me wrong.
              Tel Aviv is nice, it’s not a big deal, Israel is small you know, you move from one side of the country to the other quicker than getting out the american suburbs.

              • Eric

                I think you need some patience. Wait until October. My guess is you’ll see some changes happening around that time.

                Who are you looking for exactly?

              • Gnostic

                Hello Jacob,

                Have you abused a Palestinian today?

                • Eric

                  Gnostic, I was thinking once the Israelis have exterminated all of the palestinians and have taken all their land and possessions and livelihood, and once they have started building their big gay beach, we should go build a casino for kikes, kooks, and queers. Somebody has to bring in the shekels.

                • Eric

                  Sorry I meant to say casino on the gaza boardwalk

  • Gnostic

    Anti-Semitic and Racist Websites to Monitor for the Year 2014

    The biggest danger of these anti-semite-sites is that many of them are able to solicit donations through untraceable cryptocurrencies, like bitcoin for instance (there are literally hundreds of cryptocurrencies out there now), or use the mainstream digital cash systems, We should be very alarmed by the fact extremist groups are embracing digital coins of every sort, because if the trend continues, they could use them to debase fiat money like US Dollar, Euro and Shekel, which are currently the world’s reserve currencies.

  • Eric

    That’s a good “growing list” of truth tellers Gnostic but it should be much longer by now.

    When you can’t form an argument, just call them anti-semitic or racist.

  • PJ

    Sean, This was a very interesting interview with Bo, but you (Sean) were right on when you reminded Bo that your audience doesn’t ‘trade’ silver & gold…we buy to insure our wealth, not to speculate. I for one, don’t plan on ever ‘trading’ my physical silver for anything but goods & services someday! You asked him for clarification regarding after silver’s peak in 2016, was he saying ‘silver would fall back to present levels’ before taking off again?’ He failed to answer that directly. (I think we know the answer is a resounding “NO”). Bo sounds like he’s probably a church preacher, with a very fast and slick manner of speaking (I tend not to trust preachers, and I don’t subscribe to any religion), and was being careful to keep some of his news-letter info secret in order to sell his newsletter. I’ll check out his website, but I got a red flag in my gut on this guy.

  • anon

    The Fed is Now Officially in VERY Serious Trouble

    “However, there is only one REAL reason why rates remain so low:

    Actually it’s $555 trillion reason: and they are derivatives based on interest rates.

    That is not a typo. $555 trillion… as in an amount greater than 700% of global GDP.”

  • Suzanne

    I got one…
    by the time we see silver heading into double digits, what will the money actually buy outside of silver? For example, how much is a jar of peanut butter going to cost?

    We are about to see all those $trillions in US treasuries land back here, bringing heavy inflation with them. China is spending them up as fast as they can, buying hard assets and sending the paper debt back here.

    • Eric

      Triple digits! Good question. Will there even be peanut butter to buy? Probably. Water on the other hand?

      China is moving into SoCal here. I think they are tossing California to China. And everyone I know is live for today, don’t worry about tomorrow and not too worried about it.

      The US Treasuries are coming home. Let the SIlver rally begin.

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