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Supreme Court Rules Police DO NOT Need A Warrant To Search Your Home

by M. David, Counter Current News:

Much to the surprise of the general public, the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled in favor of expanded the ability of law enforcement to search without warrants.

Justice Samuel Alito wrote for the majority of the court which ruled 6 to 3 that “when occupants of a residents disagree on whether they will admit police without a warrant, the objecting occupant must be physically present,” the Washington Post reported. “That doesn’t change if police have removed the objector,” the court added.

“An occupant who is absent due to a lawful detention or arrest stands in the same shoes as an occupant who is absent for any other reason,” Justice Samuel A. Alito Jr. wrote.

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4 comments to Supreme Court Rules Police DO NOT Need A Warrant To Search Your Home

  • Craig it's all gone

    If I was the chief of police for some jurisdiction where any of the Supreme Court Justices lived at,, I’d do a “warrantless raid” onto ALL of their homes in my jurisdiction, and “legally trash” the place,, (holes in the walls, torn up carpeting, busted furniture, cut open pillows, dumped out the drawers, empty all the boxes and kitchen cabinets, confiscate all computers and digital memory gear, etc,, and then let those poor “residents” deal with the aftermath.

    I wonder if their “views” about the Constitution & Bill of Rights might change for the better?

    I’d also “search” the homes of ALL district judges, appeals court judges, mayors, congressmen, FBI, CIA, NSA employees, etc.

    When the shoe is on the wrong foot,, it never feels right.

  • med_mercenary

    RIP 4th Amnendment. Dead and buried. Then celebratorially pissed on. +2 Craig

  • Rick

    I don’t care what a bunch of bribed RETARDS IN ROBES say … it’s ILLEGAL

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