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Stocks Could Lose 90% Over the Next Two Years

by Graham Summers, Gold Seek:

In the early 2000s, Alan Greenspan was worried about deflation. So he hired Ben Bernanke, the self-proclaimed expert on the Great Depression from Princeton. The idea was that with Bernanke as his right hand man, Greenspan could put off deflation from hitting the US. Indeed, one of Bernanke’s first speeches was titled “Deflation: Making Sure It Doesn’t Happen Here”

The US did briefly experience a bout of deflation from late 2007 to early 2009. To combat this, Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke unleashed an unprecedented amount of Fed money. Remember, Bernanke claims to be an expert on the Great Depression, and his entire focus was to insure that the US didn’t repeat the era of the ‘30s again.

Current Fed Chair Janet Yellen is cut of the same cloth as Bernanke. And her efforts (along with Bernanke’s) aided and abetted by the most fiscally irresponsible Congress in history, have recreated an environment almost identical to that of the 1920s.

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2 comments to Stocks Could Lose 90% Over the Next Two Years

  • Smiteproductions

    In my opinion, stocks are grossly overpriced. A 90% reduction might bring them to be what they are really worth. Some gamble that they’ll always go up due to inflation. While that has certainly been the case recently, I suggest that it’s not based on sound principles, and is due to come crashing down. This isn’t unexpected, nor is it a bad thing. Those with all the money will step in from the sidelines and buy up everything else for pennies on the dollar. It quite possibly has been engineered as such, for just such a reason.

    • Craig it's all gone

      I agree with you quite a lot. Stocks (and FIAT will crash), PM’s will soar.

      One thing I really hate about “paper/electronic” investments, is that when the company decides to declare bankruptcy (for whatever reason), the value of ALL your “investment” goes to zero, while the CEO never walks away “empty handed”. So I have come to view any & every “stock / bond” investments as being the “sucker” in a rigged game.

      That’s why I like PM’s in your possession. Nobody can “short sell it”,, bankrupt it, re-lease it, etc. It’s also why I am growing gardens around my home, it’s like “growing gold”.

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