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Shots Fired: ECB Again ‘Threatens’ To Collapse Greek Bank System

from Zero Hedge:

Given the self-admitted lack of ‘rules’ around emergency funding from The ECB, today’s (latest) threats to withhold Greek funding “due to political events”are perhaps the most ominous non-blackmail warning yet by the entirely independent Mario Draghi and his henchmen…

After 2 days of not increasing the ELA limit for Greece:

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2 comments to Shots Fired: ECB Again ‘Threatens’ To Collapse Greek Bank System

  • Blah blah blah they’re going to float this pig until the Titanic sinks

  • Ed_B

    Iceland provided an excellent example of how to successfully handle the banksters. Greece and all other countries under the banksters thumb should do the same. Banking should be converted into a local utility, like a PUD for money instead of for water and power. That would be ALL of the banking services that the citizens need without having humongous banks so large that their mistakes can threaten the national and world economies. No bank is ever worth that kind of risk. They just aren’t.

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