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Protecting Both Tube and Transistor HF Communications Equipment From E1 EMP Pulse

from Survival Blog:

Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) is a serious national threat with growing public awareness. A high-altitude atomic/nuclear explosion sends electrons plowing through the earth’s magnetic field lines and thus generates powerful radio waves that impact the earth below the explosion within a radius of many hundreds to thousands of miles.

The peak field strength is immense, on the order of 50 kilovolts per meter, and covers a very broad frequency spectrum, from very low frequencies, past 100 MHz; but the first wave (named E1) is evanescent, over in a mere microsecond or so. There are additional, slower incident waves– E2 and E3, but these are more of a powerline problem and are not addressed in this article. (I will write on this aspect in a later article.)

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  • Ed_B

    Even without a nuclear weapon, EMPs are still possible from a natural source… the sun. In 1859 a solar mass ejection / EMP occurred that was so powerful, it set telegraph offices on fire. While they had no electronics of any kind back then, that EMP, called The Carrington Event, still managed to do some damage.

    If that same thing were to happen today, it would obliterate all unshielded electronics on the side of the earth that was facing the sun at the time that the EMP hit the earth. If that happened to be during the day in the US, it’s good-night, baby, to our modern way of life. We would instantly be transported back to the technology of the early to mid-1800s. Millions of lives would be lost without the electrical power and transportation assets to grow food and get it to market, to pump water and fuel, to regulate traffic, to heat, light, and cool homes, offices, businesses, and industry and for machines of all kinds to start and run. Cars, trucks, planes, trains, and boats are all electronically controlled these days and with fried computers on board, they are nothing more than large paper-weights and driveway decorations.

    Older cars and trucks, however, do not have all this sensitive electronic gear on-board so shouldn’t be affected by an EMP. Those who must have transportation to their bug out location would be well advised to own at least one vehicle built before about 1985, preferably an older diesel 4×4 pickup, and keep it fueled up and in good running condition. It will still be moving when most everything else isn’t. Of course, having that makes you a target of those who also need transportation but who did not plan accordingly. Be ready to defend what you have or lose it and perhaps your life as well because when the SHTF, all the usual rules go out the window.

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