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Obama ”Tired” Of Giving Gun Speeches, Hits The Links At California Golf Course – During Drought

by Brandon Turbeville, Activist Post:

As Charlestonians continue to deal with the tragic murder of nine innocent people, Americans stand at the precipice of crushing austerity and economic collapse, and the US military continues to fight wars raging overseas, Obama is now doing what any bold and courageous leader in his situation would do – he is taking vacation.

Shortly after giving a rousing (albeit wholly unconvincing) speech about how guns and their availability are the cause of mass shootings (as opposed to American police who have killed more Americans in 2014 than all mass shootings in American history combined or US intelligence agencies via false flag operations), Obama took off to the Coachella Valley in California to enjoy some of the most pristine golf courses available to the US ruling class – in the midst of a terrifying and massive drought no less! In response to the drought, California Governor Jerry Brown has called for a 25% reduction in the use of potable water. In Coachella specifically, the area was called on to reduce water usage by 36% due to its higher per capita use of water resources. But this is no matter for the US President or water authorities. When the public face of the US oligarchy wants to play golf, the public face of the US oligarchy plays golf.

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