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New York Mets Dress Like Prison Inmates to Promote Gun Control

by Kit Daniels, Infowars:

Nearly every player on the New York Mets baseball team dressed in orange like prison inmates to promote gun control, the political movement that would practically turn Americans into a disarmed prison population. The Mets posed in orange for a photo tweeted out on Tuesday in support of “Gun Violence Awareness Day,” which is sponsored by Michael Bloomberg’s “Everytown for Gun Safety.”

“The New York Mets became the first pro sports franchise to join the campaign and will today release a photo of the entire team wearing orange in support of efforts to reduce gun violence,” Everytown said in a statement. “The team will also release a photo of the Mets’ front office staff wearing orange in support of the campaign.”

Other anti-gun celebrities, such as Sarah Silverman, also posed in orange.

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4 comments to New York Mets Dress Like Prison Inmates to Promote Gun Control

  • Ed_B

    It’s good that they are getting used to prison garb. Could be that they will be wearing it soon.

  • Rob

    It is much better to try to take peoples rights than give New York the fifteen million their food banks need.

    Boot Lickers

  • Jon

    Sports is nothing but another control apparatus for the owners of the sheep. And these are their ignorant cheerleaders. Boot lickers is right! Cut the cable, stop watching sports… there’s work to be done. Or you can waste away your days watching grown men tossing balls back and forth!

  • Jeff

    Like anybody really needs another reason to hate the mets.

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