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Nearly Half of U.S. Can’t Afford Unexpected $400 Bill – Forgo Medical Treatment

by Eric Scheiner, CNS News:

Nearly half of American households would not be able to afford a $400 emergency, according to a recent report from the Federal Reserve.

The Federal Reserve Report on the Economic Well-Being of U.S. Households in 2014 says that 47 percent indicate that they would have great difficulty handling an unexpected $400 expense.

“Specifically, respondents indicate that they simply could not cover the expense (14 percent); would sell something (10 percent); or would rely on one or more means of borrowing to pay for at least part of the expense, including paying with a credit card that they pay off over time (18 percent), borrowing from friends or family (13 percent), or using a payday loan (2 percent),” the report says.

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2 comments to Nearly Half of U.S. Can’t Afford Unexpected $400 Bill – Forgo Medical Treatment

  • c.i.

    My Grandfather told me to always have walking around money.


    I was 6 when I heard that…….

    I listened


  • NaySayer

    A local man died because he was bit by a poisonous snake while recreating near a local river.

    His girlfriend tried to get him to go to the emergency room but he refused because he had no insurance or money to pay. He thought he would be okay. Then he died.

    If we have enough money to bail out bankers and pay legions of Iraqi soldiers who run at the first sign of combat why don’t we have enough money to provide free medical care (like every other industrialized nation) to every citizen?

    I know, the first part of that sentence answers the second. Banksters and warhawks have American blood on their hands.

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