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MUST WATCH: EMF Radiation is Killing Us

from EMF Scientist:

The International EMF Scientist Appeal was initially signed by 190 scientists from 39 nations. These scientists have collectively published over 2,000 peer-reviewed papers on the biological or health effects of non-ionizing radiation, part of the EMF spectrum that includes Extremely Low Frequency fields (ELF) used for electricity, or Radio Frequency radiation (RFR) used for wireless communications.

First, we invite you to view Dr. Martin Blank’s three-minute video announcing the Appeal. Dr. Blank has had over 30 years of experience conducting EMF research at Columbia University and is a past president of the International Bioelectromagnetics Society. In his own words, Dr. Blank gives a compelling explanation of the major health crisis we are facing due to increasing levels of environmental pollution from growing and expanding EMF sources.

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hat tip: Sofia Smallstorm

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15 comments to MUST WATCH: EMF Radiation is Killing Us

  • rl!the-miracle-of-hemberg/cu3q

    Real work and proven study to counter and reverse emf.

    ‘Following the success of the first Swiss BioGeometry® project in Hemberg, Dr. Karim / BioGeometry Energy Systems Ltd. was commissioned by the local government of the Swiss town of Hirschberg to implement a similar solution there. The project was documented by Swiss TV Channel 1 (SF1), and the documentary aired on prime-time TV in Switzerland showing how BioGeometry® was successful in eliminating the ailments of electro-sensitivity, among a number of other health conditions that it remedied, as well as positively impacting the overall ecology of the area. The overwhelming positive impact of BioGeometry® energy-quality balancing on the health of the livestock in the area, (an important economic factor to this rural town, was remarkable. The documentary referred to the successful project as “Electro-smog: The Miracle of Hirschberg.”

    • willygroper

      I can’t thank you enough for this!

      • rl

        Cheers willy,
        It really is amazing to see the effects and then remedies documented in Hirschberg and elsewhere.
        The chidren becoming sick and unmanagabled to be returned to normal and healthy was really an eye opener that most will all but turn a blind eye to, lest they had to rethink their wireless and dumb, I mean smart, phone life.

    • rl

      Love it Eric!
      Bringing out the big pimps shows the story needs some more air time and propping up. Let em sing it 24/7 as always because to many are realizing that everything they have ever been told, sold, and had rammed down their throat is layer upon layer of total bs, right along with the poor jew chosen con. As they get a pass destroying humanity 24/7 too which is comprised of nothing but us worthless eaters according to this topshelf freak from zion.

      Elite needs to be stricken from the vocabulary as this simply proves to that lizards and snakes live forever… The best of the predators and parasites in place to steer the cesspool their masters have created is all they and the rest of the cronies are, and have always been. Natural born(e) liars and thiefs that have no conscious what so ever to stop them or what falls out of their mouths. And this lesson NO.1 is always reminded upon me full tilt when a picture of this freak is seen; that to fight fire with fire will be the only true recourse when they finally do have their way.

      • Eric

        The EL (Saturn)- lite are on their way to extinction. I can’t believe we haven’t all ganged up on them yet. If I saw one of these fuckers in person it would be lights out for them. Until then I’ll just count the minutes until I can get retribution.

  • Willie

    At the least SGT and SS should thank rl for providing the link to!the-miracle-of-hemberg/cu3q

    Eric, if you do not have a relevant comment on the topic then why are you posting? You seem to be obsessed with commenting on almost all the articles here…

    • SGT

      at the very least” – Huh?? I have no idea what that’s referring to and I have never seen this link until now. I’ve been busy all morning scheduling some very interesting & informative videos about CERN for later this evening.

      • willygroper

        You do a great service!

        Instead of adding something positive & helpful, he detracts from himself with the negative & critical.


    • Eric

      Willie, do you have a problem with my comments?

      You are welcome to rebut any of them at any time.

  • Willie

    I never said “very”… O.K. SGT, this scare piece has been shown to have an antidote so back to digging up more scary stuff (Cern) to worry the people. Meanwhile, let’s change the subject and talk about the “Holohoax”.

  • Ed_B

    So what? Does this mean that we all need to return to the 1840s so as to not have any of that nasty electricity around? How about lightning? Is that OK because it is “natural”?

    Unfortunately, the world’s population is about 10x what 1840s farming, transportation, water supplies, and medical infrastructure can support, so expect a 90% die-off if this is tried anywhere.

  • Ed_B

    Oh, and one other thing. If we are always being killed off by this, that, and 14 other things, how come people are living longer lifespans? Seems to be that all this “killing us” stuff is a load of crap. Cheers, all. 🙂

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