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Mining Industry Implosion Approaches DEFCON 1

by Andrew Hoffman, Miles Franklin:

This weekend’s, article, “down to the wire – for Greece, the global economy, and the Gold Cartel” – couldn’t be more aptly titled. For 13 years, I have watched “TPTB” accelerate the inevitable, nuclear economic implosion they “set in stone” when the gold standard was abandoned in August 1971. The resulting carnage has taken myriad forms – from the hideous, creeping inflation that has relentlessly raised the cost of living in “first world” nations with “reserve” currencies; to the implosion of currencies in where the other five billion or so people live. Wealth inequality, debt serfdom, geopolitical instability, and social unrest have increased sporadically but inexorably. And now that history’s largest Ponzi scheme is its terminal stage, the “holes in the dyke” suppressing the real carnage are not only multiplying exponentially, but leaking dramatically larger volumes.

I’ll get to today’s ALL IMPORTANT topic shortly; but suffice to say, the reason global markets are starting their “countdown to collapse” is decidedly NOT Greece; but instead, the cumulative impact of 44 years of financial, economic, and political “deformation” coming to a head. Of which Greece, which we two years ago guaranteed to collapse, in deeming it “the most likely catalyst of the Big One” – is simply serving as the spark. Or at least, it certainly looks that way, unless something equally dramatic can “usurp” it in the next two weeks.

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