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Los Angeles Pummels The Poor – A $15 An Hour Wage Floor Is A Cruel And Stupid Policy

from The News Doctors:

Does anyone on the Los Angeles City Council have a clue about what they have just done? It really is unclear whether reality matters in this legislative body. Rarely have we seen such jaw-dropping display of economic fallacy enacted into law.

The law under consideration here is a new wage floor of $15, phased in over five years. Why phased in? Why not do it now? Why not $30 or $150? Perhaps the implied reticence here illustrates just a bit of caution. Somewhere in the recesses of the councilors’ minds, they might have a lurking sense that there will be a price to pay for this.

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1 comment to Los Angeles Pummels The Poor – A $15 An Hour Wage Floor Is A Cruel And Stupid Policy

  • Sayldog

    At $15 an hour a man could support his family, his wife could stay home and raise their children, they could participate in consumerism, if they had benefits they could maintain their health, they could even hope for a better future.
    But I guess the wealthy would then have to pay a bit more for their Big Macs, so they would have to charge more for the services they offer like legal and medical services, engineering and architectural services, etc.
    So in the end, the poor still would not be able to afford a McMansion in the ‘burbs or high end SUV.
    Screw ’em.
    (Sorry, feelin’ snarky today).

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