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JPMorgan’s Imaginary ‘Silver Hoard’ Is Explained

by Jeff Nielson, Bullion Bulls:

To say that this makes absolutely no sense is the greatest of understatement. Obviously there had to be an ulterior motive to this sham, as JPM would certainly never engage in any behavior to deliberately drive-up the price of silver, which is precisely what it seemed to be doing here. Now, via Bill Holter, we see this “ulterior motive”, plain as day:

…they [i.e. the One Bank] sit on a naked short time bomb of more than 950 million ounces!

How do you defuse an absurdly gigantic, naked-short, time bomb in the silver market? With an absurdly gigantic “hoard” of physical silver, (conveniently) delivered to the market, as needed, to prevent implosion of this time bomb. And (in our criminalized system) if you don’t have a hoard of real silver available for this defusing; imaginary silver will be a perfectly good substitute.

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1 comment to JPMorgan’s Imaginary ‘Silver Hoard’ Is Explained

  • Troy

    Does this mean that all the stacking I’ve down over the last 7 years is for nothing.

    Does this article say that JPM are in a strong position to take down the price of Silver during and after the collapse?

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