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John Rubino – Is the US Headed For A Recession?


John Rubino returns to the program. The problem with the US economy is that there’s just not enough seasonal adjustments being made to the latest economic statistics. If only the folks at the government statistics mills could do more seasonal adjustments, everything would be fine. Perhaps China could learn this trick too and start their economy growing as well. In fact, why not just dispense with the actual numbers and create new ones out of thin air? Oh wait, that’s what’s they’re actually doing?

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1 comment to John Rubino – Is the US Headed For A Recession?

  • Ed_B

    How in the hell can we be “headed for a recession” when we are still in the depression that started in 2008? Those of us who are not fooled by the invented numbers that “prove” that the economy is recovering or has recovered KNOW that the S has already started hitting TF. But like any other collapsing empire, it is a slow process and not an event.

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