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ISIS is Winning, Israel Prepares

from Bill Still:

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7 comments to ISIS is Winning, Israel Prepares

  • Interesting video. Two divisions of Iranian infantry is a lot. I hope that he is mistaken, as well as the gains being made by ISIS. This will accelerate Syria’s destruction – which was prophesied.

    I fear for the civilians caught in this war.

    Notice also, that the MSM has been ignoring the rockets being fired yet again from Gaza, into Israel. You gotta love that media bias.–israel-palestinians-934aadeca9.html

    I’m afraid that Bill Still’s interpretation of the prophecy is off. He is forgetting the Antichrist. A better view can be found here:

    A Note about the pastor in the video. A pastor should never wear the symbols of idolatry in the pulpit. Judaism is idolatry and has no place with Christ.

    Again. Interesting video.

    John Little

    PS. Steve Quayle posted this link, today:

    • glitter 1

      Yes the Eagle and it’s image has been used by many of the world’s empires and movements.It’s one of the four images/faces of The God Of This World.

  • Gnostic

    prophesied my arse, the children of the devil wrote the script, the bible is predictive programming and the jew’s best tool of deception.

    REV 2:9, 3:9

  • Willie

    Iraq is not the jungles of Vietnam. Carpet Bomb the suckers day and night for a couple of weeks… poof! No more “ISIS”. Definitely a contrived enemy that is supported by the West, as were Lenin, Hitler & Mao.

    • Willie

      Also, someone is financing these people… follow the money. Someone is supplying them with arms and materiel. They have satellites that can read the writing on a Golf Ball and they cannot stop these people? The West knows exactly what is going on and they are aiding & abetting it. The US knows that the American people will never support a direct military intervention in Syria so they created a bunch of sand-flea thugs to do their dirty work for them.

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