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Is Jerusalem the 4th leg at the table of the Corporate Fascist Empire completing the Vatican-City of London-DC alliance?

by Katherine Frisk, The Phaser:

Keep in mind that for over a 1,000 years starting with the crusades, the Vatican has attempted to bring Jerusalem under their complete control as it once was under the Roman Empire during the first century A.D.
Also keep in mind that the Founding Fathers of the USA Constitution disallowed a Vatican Embassy in D.C. upholding a policy of separation between church and state and freedom of religious belief, something John F Kennedy agreed with when he stated, “I might be a Catholic but I do not take orders from a priest.”

During Ronald Reagan’s Presidency the Vatican finally achieved a long sort after objective and has had an embassy in Washington D.C. ever since. According to Jim Willie from The Golden in a recent interview, Obama and most Presidents before him have been given a billion dollar Vatican untraceable account for their services. Considering that the Vatican has major shareholding and interests in Bank of America, Lockheed Martin and in all likelihood the NSA which is a 21st century version of the confessional to name a few, how much support does the TPP and the TTIP have from the Vatican bank and is there a Jesuit hand behind these trade deals?

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13 comments to Is Jerusalem the 4th leg at the table of the Corporate Fascist Empire completing the Vatican-City of London-DC alliance?

  • Gnostic

    Vatican has long been controlled, if not created by Kaballist Jews, Paul says he IS a Pharisee, not WAS a Pharisee.

    The Vatican is a front organization as is Christianity & Islam, acting as controlled opposition, bringing gentiles onto the jewish stage & unknowingly into the “fold”, much like freemasonry.

    Keep in mind King Solomon was a magician, an illusionist…..Look at this hand not at that hand.

    PS-Pope (many proven crypto-jews) proudly wear the Yarmulke skull cap.

    • glitter 1

      ” Paul says he IS a Pharisee, not WAS a Pharisee.”

      Based on what written authority?

      Followers were first called Christians at Antioch not Rome.King Bulan declared all of the pagan Caucasus/Khazarian people Jewish is no different than Constantine and his pagan mother Helena declaring all the inhabitants of Saturnia/Rome to be Christian.The Pope(s)is the King/Vicar Of Babylon/Baal The King Of Tyre.

    • Eric

      The Yarmulke skull cap is symbolic of the rings of Saturn because they are both Saturnian religions. Jews wear them. The Pope wears one. Catholic bishops wear them.

  • Abby

    ROckerfeller is a Jew. So is the Bush family. So are the Clintons. Also the Kennedys. And Nixon. And J.P.Morgan. And Henry Ford. And George Washington was a Jew. So was Paul Revere.

    • Gnostic

      Not sure about Ford, Nixon or Morgan Whether Jewish or not does no matter, they did their bidding. You are correct about the others, Patrick Henry, Christopher Columbus also Jewish in the New Jerusalem.

      PS- For those who think I dislike those born into a Jewish family you would be wrong. Only those Jew or Gentile who live the Judeo Communist doctrine knowingly or not.

      My hero was not Mickey Mantle but the great genius Bobby Fischer (born a Jew).

      • anon

        “Only those Jew or Gentile who live the Judeo-Communist doctrine knowingly or not.” That’s it. The .001% “Jews” on Wall St. (Rothschild-agents, Jacob Schiff and Paul Warburg) largely funded the so-called “Russian” “Revolution”, with Max Warburg (Paul’s brother) chipping in. Meanwhile, some 82% of the new “Bolshevik” government of 1917 hailed from the Lower East Side of Manhattan (and no doubt, some from Chicago) forming essentially a “Jew”-ish (Ashkenazi-Khazar) VICE-GRIP on the Russian (mostly Orthodox Christian) people & country. The BIG $64,000.00 QUESTION now, is: What, exactly, do these Judeo-(& Masonic)-ZIONIST-Communists & their witting & unwitting “helpers” (sayanim) have in store for America, and Americans?

        “Is Jerusalem the 4th leg at the table of the Corporate Fascist Empire completing the Vatican-City of London-DC alliance?”

        Rothschild-funded-created-ZIONIST-Israel certainly does appear to be the “4th leg” on the (Jerusalem-Vatican-City of London-DC alliance) table. Especially via AIPAC, the Council on Foreign Relations, as well as the other Cecil Rhodes’ Roundtable Groups, like the Club of Rome.

        For ANYONE who hasn’t read much on this topic, go here:

        X22 Report: Central Bankers Can’t Stop The Economic Collapse Instead They Will Cover It Up

        Read all the comments. Click on all the links. Read, view, listen to ALL content.

  • I heard that Zebras were Jewish. The black and white, with those ears. Definitely Jewish.

    And Camels. Just the name. Ca Mel. Gotta be Jewish.

    Crickets. The Jewish version of honest, green grasshoppers.

    I mean, it’s a VAST JEWISH COHN-SPIRACY.

    Run for the hills, guys. They’re everywhere.

    John Little

  • I heard from my mother’s, neighbor’s house cleaner that elephants are closet Jews. She also said that every taxi driver is a secret Jew. She knows this because they always ask for money at the end of a ride. Very Jewish, asking for money.

    Oh, and I think that my neighbor’s dog is Jewish. She barks at me every time I walk past my neighbor’s door. Barking is a sure sign of being Jewish.

    This Jewish conspiracy is deeper than I thought. They’re everywhere.

    Really, really scary. Frightening, even.

    John Little

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