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Texas Strikes Gold!

from TruthNeverTold:

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1 comment to Texas Strikes Gold!

  • Mike

    The National strategic oil reserves, massive caverns of oil are located in Texas. Texas will of all states never be able to leave the Union EVER. Every single Texan, man woman and child will be smoked if they try and steal our nations oil. We go around the world killing for less oil. 1 Billion in physical gold is nothing and will not finance militia or Army that is anywhere near able to take on the US Gov going for our oil. If Texas wants even a slight chance to be free of the Union, first they need to figure out a way to move all that oil to another state…It’s impossible. If I see them actually trying to move the reserves then maybe I would believe in the fairy tale that is Texas. I wish this people would move on from this Texas garbage.

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