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Humanity is Developing Survival Resistance to Government Lies

by Bernie Suarez, Activist Post:

Throughout nature it is well known that species will experience changes in its DNA and adaptations in its physical expression and behavior solely for the purposes of surviving in its environment. There are numerous examples in nature of species genetically and physically adapting to its environment for survival reasons. So it’s not a far-fetched suggestion that humanity itself may now be experiencing a physiological mental and cerebral transformation which is changing its behavioral pattern and environmental response to the phenomenon of government.

That’s right, as humans we have an obligation to think critically and objectively when considering the plight of humanity as it struggles in these modern days against the new world order and the human control system. It is up to us to consider the objective expression of this battle for freedom against the oppressive and defective component of humanity known as government.

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2 comments to Humanity is Developing Survival Resistance to Government Lies

  • anon

    Humanity is Developing Survival Resistance to Government Lies?

    You mean, like the whopper they call “man-made global warming” – oops! – “man-made climate change”? Or the one about the “need” for “gun control”, following every single SSRI-drug-induced mass shooting?, when the FACT of the matter is: GUNS SAVE LIVES! – but, you won’t hear THAT in the MSM (Mainstream Media). Hopefully, Americans are waking up to the fact, that it is the West, that created, and is funding and supplying weapons to “ISIS”! The best enemy money can buy in the never-ending prefabricated “war on terror” – just like Russia, during the “Cold War”, when Wall St. Financiers were financing Russian technological advances. And, what about that supposed “war on drugs”? Did you know that the link between the BUSH family and the CLINTON family is the CIA & MENA, ARKANSAS AIRPORT? My advice to ALL Americans: 1) Turn OFF the t.v., and 2) Get prepared for the coming pre-orchestrated economic collapse that will likely happen by Sept. or Oct. of 2015, or possibly sometime in early-to-mid 2016 – BEFORE the 2016 Presidential “election”.

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